Technology for growing strawberries "Temptation f1"

Technology for growing strawberries "Temptation f1"

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Remontantny and large-fruited strawberry "Temptation f1" is one of the best varieties that are optimally adapted for cultivation in household plots and garden plots. An early ripe and large-fruited Italian variety can be grown not only on ridges of open ground, but also in greenhouse constructions, as well as in greenhouses.

Grade description

Strawberry Temptation-f1 forms compact bushes with dark green leaves. Berries are cone-shaped, dark red in color, with a surface sheen, transportable. First-order rosettes bloom even before the rooting stage, therefore, this variety has proven itself when grown as an ampel plant.

The variety is characterized by winter hardiness and increased productivity. The hybrid form is unique in its set of quality characteristics. Ampelic garden strawberry bears fruit from mid-May and up to significant frosts. The description of the variety involves the combination of large-fruited and maintenance. The average weight of marketable berries is 20-35 g. Each adult berry plant forms at least twenty peduncles.

Assessment of taste, according to reviews of consumers of berry products and in accordance with the tasting scale, is 4.8 points. Berries are harvested as they mature. During the season, the collection is made in several stages. When grown as an ampel culture, plants are placed in hanging pots, and rosettes hang down as they form, giving the composition a decorative effect.

Varieties and varieties of strawberries

Growing Features

Garden hybrid wild strawberry with the sonorous name “Temptation” forms the first harvest of marketable berries about a month and a half after planting seedlings in a permanent place. Under favorable weather and climatic conditions, high-quality soil preparation and compliance with the cultivation technology, each adult plant forms about 1.5-1.6 kg of selected berries.

The berry plant immediately after planting lays a crop, the value of which does not directly depend on the length of daylight and time of year. That is why this hybrid form is of particular interest to farms engaged in year-round cultivation of high-yield berries.

Harvest is formed not only on adult berry bushes, but also on formed outlets. However, for this variety there are also some drawbacks, among which intense mustache formation, significantly depleting the mother plant. In addition, quite often, beginning gardeners are not able to get high-quality seedlings from seeds.

Landing rules

To plant strawberry “Temptation” you need to select a well-lit area with the most fertile soil and observe the distance between the berry seedlings of 45-50 cm. However, most often this variety is grown by sowing seed material. Seeds must meet all the requirements of international standards and GOST. As a planting mixture, you should use ready-made flower soil or prepare the soil for planting yourself, using three parts of sand and five parts of high-quality humus.

It is recommended to start sowing in February or early March. Seeds should be sown very carefully on an abundantly moistened surface, without burying them in the soil. Subject to the temperature regime and optimal moisture indicators, the first shoots appear after about a month.

As the seedlings grow and before diving into separate seedlings, it is necessary to maintain temperature indicators at the level of + 22-23 ° С. After the appearance of two true leaves, seedlings dive. The formation of six true leaves is a sufficient condition for planting in the ground at a constant place (at positive temperatures and good heating of the soil).

The plant is responsive to high agricultural technology. When growing, you need to carry out watering and top dressing, regularly carry out loosening of the soil and thorough weeding. It is also necessary to periodically treat the plants, which will protect the berry culture from the most common diseases and strawberry pests. You can spray berry bushes in spring with Taurus or Caesar preparations.

For the winter period, repeated preventive treatment is carried out, removal of dry leaves and peduncles, pruning of outlets and, if necessary, their rooting. In most regions, the berry culture of this variety needs protection from frost.

Reviews of summer residents

Garden strawberries of the new hybrid form “Temptation f1”, according to gardeners, form quite dense, juicy and very sweet berries, which are characterized by a very pronounced and pleasant muscat aroma. The presence of long peduncles is able to give this berry culture a special decorative effect. It is best managed in regions with a mild climate and warm summers.

How to plant strawberries

Many amateur gardeners with great pleasure grow this new variety of strawberries in flower boxes or as a pot culture, placing plants on balconies or terraces. The variety is very promising and, subject to growing technology, allows for excellent results and high yields.