Strawberry "Alba": a highly productive Italian variety

Strawberry "Alba": a highly productive Italian variety

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Strawberry, or garden strawberry, Alba was bred by the very famous Italian company New Fruts, which is located in the city of Cesena. Variety "Alba" belongs to the category of early ripe and elite.

The variety appeared on the territory of Europe a little more than ten years ago and became very popular not only in the homeland, but also among Russian and Belarusian gardeners who gladly grow it in household plots. The variety is suitable for growing on ridges of open ground and in greenhouses.

Grade description

Bushes of garden strawberries of the Alba variety are medium-sized, compact, adapted to tolerate hot weather and have excellent drought tolerance. The height of the strawberry bush does not exceed 30-35 cm. The bushes are characterized by resistance to diseases of the root system, damage by powdery mildew and bacterial burns. When conducting preventive treatments should take into account the susceptibility of plants to damage by anthracosis.

Garden strawberries of this variety are not demanding on agricultural technology and are characterized by high long-term productivity. The yield from each strawberry plant reaches 1.2-1.3 kg. Strawberries, or garden strawberries, of the Alba variety are suitable for planting as seedlings that were stored in cold warehouses, as well as fresh or cluster seedlings.

Strawberry "Alba": features of the variety

Berry characteristic

Strawberry "Alba" begins fruiting when grown in open ground in early May. The ripe berry has an elongated shape, a bright red color and a shiny surface. The pulp is very tender, sweet and sour, with a rich strawberry flavor. Harvested fully ripened berry is transportable and very well stored. This variety can be used not only in fresh form, but also for canning, as well as freezing, while maintaining the excellent taste of the berry.

Seed sowing

Strawberry varieties "Alba" shows a high percentage of germination when growing from seeds from well-known and well-established producers of seed material. Sowing seeds is recommended from mid-January to the last days of February.

You can use not only purchased ready-made soil for growing seedlings, but also make a soil mixture for growing garden strawberries yourself. Since the seed material of garden strawberries is very small, the soil for planting should be loose and light, preferably with a small content of sand, as well as humus and peat.

Before sowing for several days, the seeds of strawberries should be soaked in water, which is recommended to be changed to clean daily. The seeds of strawberries or garden strawberries must not be buried or sprinkled with soil, therefore, you can use another way: a layer of snow is poured onto the soil surface in the seedling tank, and seeds are sown on it. Sowing must be covered with a film or glass. It is necessary to ensure that the soil does not dry out, and periodically spray it with warm water from the spray gun.

The most favorable temperature regime for germination of seeds of garden strawberries is 22-25 ° C. Around the end of March, you can pick seedlings, and repeated diving of already grown seedlings is carried out no earlier than after a month and a half. It is possible to plant strawberry seedlings in a permanent place in the open ground when 5-7 leaves appear on the plants, and the seedling height reaches about five centimeters. Full yields are obtained in a year.

Growing from seedlings

Strawberries called "Alba" are most often grown by gardeners from seedlings, which are a very valuable material of intensive plant growing, and suggest excellent taste qualities of the future crop.

Planting garden strawberries with seedlings is carried out in April-May, and the crop will be obtained in the first year of cultivation. Purchased seedlings should be carefully examined.

Seedling gradeExternal qualities and parameters
Class of seedlings of garden strawberries "A"The length of the root system is at least 5 cm. There are three or more fully developed leaflets. The apical bud of the plant is well developed. Seedling bush strong and stocky
Class of seedlings of garden strawberries "B"The length of the root system is at least 3 cm. There are 2-3 full, fully developed leaflets. Apical kidney has sufficient development

High-quality seedlings of garden strawberries guarantee 95-100% survival. They are characterized by early maturity and stable, high productivity, and are also resistant to diseases and plant parasites. Varieties and hybrid forms that are zoned for cultivation should be preferred. and along with high productivity they have the best indicators of winter hardiness and disease resistance.

Gardeners reviews

Strawberry "Alba" is considered an extremely early ripe and rather productive variety of foreign selection. Reviews of gardeners characterize strawberries of this variety as undemanding in the implementation of care, high-yielding, with long fruiting. Berries are of very high quality and suitable for processing. The fully ripened berries can remain on the bushes for several days without losing quality and presentation.

Growing strawberries from seeds

The variety has proven itself when grown in flower pots and is suitable for the formation of tunnels. Obtaining high-quality seedling material on your own is not a problem, since a plant of this variety is very easily propagated by a mustache, which can be stored for a long time without loss of germination. It is possible to reduce the amount of chemical exposure to plants due to resistance to the main strawberry diseases and pests.