The technology of growing strawberries varieties "Russian size"

The technology of growing strawberries varieties "Russian size"

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Strawberry variety "Russian size" is a large-berry hybrid of garden strawberries. The period of abundant fruiting of the plant is very long and stops only in the first ten days of October, when a steady decrease in temperatures is observed at night.

Grade description

Garden strawberries of the Russian Size variety are characterized by very tasty berries with juicy and dense pulp. The weight of one berry, subject to growing technology and care measures, can reach 48-50 g. The average diameter varies from 5 to 8 cm. Strawberry bright red color with excellent dessert taste. Berry production is very plentiful and friendly throughout the growing season. Osoobrazovanie insignificant.

Landing rules

Strawberry garden "Russian size" is very often grown using seed material, you can also cultivate it and seedlings. Sowing to obtain high-quality and strong strawberry seedlings should be carried out from mid-January to mid-March. Seeds should be carefully and evenly distributed over the surface of a well-moistened fertile soil. Crops must be covered with glass or plastic wrap.

Subject to the optimal temperature regime of 18-22 ° C, mass shoots of garden strawberries appear no later than a month after sowing. Planting containers with seedlings must be regularly ventilated and irrigated from the spray gun. The picking of the grown seedlings in the phase of a pair of real leaves should be carried out in separate planting cassettes filled with a fertile soil mixture.

It is possible to plant seedlings of garden strawberries in the presence of five real leaves. Plants can be transplanted to ridges in open ground between May and August, adhering to a plant layout of 20 x 20 cm. Strawberry plantings cannot be placed on swampy, clay, acid or limestone soils. The site should be well lit and be protected as much as possible from the negative effects of winds.

Strawberry grows very well and abundantly bears fruit in areas after growing legumes, parsley, and garlic. It should be remembered that strawberries poorly take root in areas where cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes or potatoes were previously grown.

How to plant strawberry seeds

Growing recommendations

Strawberry "Russian size" grows well on any type of soil, but medium loamy soils are best for full growth and abundant fruiting. Sand and clay soil a couple of months before planting should be improved by applying a large dose of high-quality organic fertilizers. It is best that the plot for growing garden strawberries is flat and located on slopes not too steep and facing southwest.

Garden strawberry is a fairly unpretentious plant, but good care becomes a guarantee of a high and high-quality crop of high-quality berries.

  • The frequency and abundance of irrigation of garden strawberries should be determined by the moisture content of the soil on the site, and the best way to water garden strawberries is to use a drip irrigation system.
  • The method of growing garden strawberries under non-woven material or using a mulching layer is gaining increasing popularity, which allows to increase the yield of marketable berries while reducing the amount of work to care for plants.
  • The first top dressing should take place a week after planting seedlings of strawberries in open ground. For this purpose, it is recommended to use an herbal infusion or a solution of liquid mullein, which can be replaced with an infusion of bird droppings.

It is very important to monitor the cleanliness of berry plantations and timely weed removal, followed by loosening of the soil and podkuchivanie root system of plants. To protect against damage by various pathogens and fungal diseases, regular spraying of plants with Fitosporin should be carried out, as well as with any systemic insect-fungicidal preparations.

Remontant garden strawberries are able to bear fruit for a long time, but closer to autumn, the amount of berries on the bushes decreases. To prepare the plants for winter, fertilizer is applied, preventive spraying, removal of dry and diseased leaves, as well as mulching.

Varieties and varieties of strawberries

Reviews gardeners

Strawberry "Russian Size" has become known to Russian gardeners relatively recently, so the mass cultivation of this promising variety is currently observed only in some regions. Its minuses include stiff seed similarity and insufficient scotification, which complicates the independent propagation of this variety. In general, the reviews of gardeners who have already begun to cultivate such strawberries are very positive: a large and clean berry of a beautiful shape and attractive appearance is formed until late autumn.