Description of the tomato variety Golden nugget and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Golden nugget and its characteristics

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Tomato "Golden Nugget" is a medium early variety, gives good yields on the ground.

We will begin the description of the “Golden Nugget” tomatoes with the fact that the period from the germination of seeds of this variety to the harvest is about 110-115 days. The bush of the plant is medium, grows above 1-1.2 meters. Leaves are light green, slightly elongated. The trunk is flexible, it is best formed into 2 stems. It is advisable to tie up and remove stepchildren, since this variety grows very much. In the open field, you can grow these tomatoes on a trellis.

Bush characteristic: up to 10 brushes can form on one plant bush. These tomatoes grow in clusters, each cluster contains 6-8 pieces, and sometimes more. The weight of the fruits is 50-120 g, and the length is 5-7 cm.

The fruits are practically not prone to cracking during growth and ripening. But they can burst from abundant watering.

Seeds of the "Golden Nugget" variety do not lose their properties in the second and subsequent generations. The best harvests of tomatoes are given in a year.

The yield of tomatoes "Golden Nugget" is 6-8 kg per 1 sq. m.

Characteristics of the fetus

The shape of the "Golden Nugget" variety is cylindrical, creamy. Ripe tomatoes are honey-yellow in color, only ripe tomatoes have a pale yellow color with a greenish tinge. The pulp of amber "cream" is juicy, tasty, aromatic, the seeds are small. These tomatoes are perfect for preservation and fresh consumption. Golden "cream" in jars looks great, especially the combination with gherkins or slices of other tomatoes. Reviews about the "Golden Nugget" are only positive.

Transportation over long distances is possible without losing the presentation of the fruit. Tomatoes "Golden Nugget" are mature, ripen well with preservation of taste.

Disease resistance and handling

An important characteristic of the "Golden Nugget" variety is disease resistance. It does not get sick with the tomato mosaic virus, is resistant to tomato bronzing, alternaria, gray spot, fusarium wilt, yellow leaf curl virus, and is resistant to spotted, verticillary wilt virus. However, during periods of epidemics, it is necessary to treat the bushes for prevention.

Tomatoes become more resistant to fungal infections if mineral fertilizers containing potassium, magnesium and nitrogen salts are used.

You can use folk remedies to achieve a better tomato harvest: wood ash (as a solution, or simply dusting the soil under the bushes), bird droppings or mullein (solution for wet feeding).

Tips and agricultural techniques

Before sowing, seeds must be disinfected in a pink solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes. You can soak the seed for germination in warm water for 12-20 hours. Also soak the seeds in aloe juice at the same time.

Previously, aloe leaves over 3 years old are kept in the refrigerator for 5-7 days to activate. Aloe juice gives the seeds additional protection and nutrition.

Winter crops should always be supplemented with phytolamp or fluorescent lamps. Sowing seeds is carried out in light fertile soil. It is good to add ash to the soil mixture of soil, humus and sand, about 0.5 liters per bucket of soil.

To get a high-quality harvest, at all stages it is necessary to observe the temperature regime for seedlings and tomato bushes.

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