Description of the variety of cucumbers Moscow evenings, features of cultivation and care

Description of the variety of cucumbers Moscow evenings, features of cultivation and care

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Cucumber evenings near Moscow refers to hybrid early maturing garden crops of the indeterminate type. The variety can be used for spring and summer turnover, suitable for growing in small household plots and large farms. The unpretentiousness of the plant makes it suitable for novice gardeners. The features of the variety include:

  • belonging to the parthenocarpic species;
  • female type of flowering;
  • good fruit setting ability.

The plant has a good ability to form strong whips. The leaves have a characteristic green color and wrinkled texture with slightly wavy or even edges. A characteristic feature of the cucumber is the amicable return of the harvest.

Cucumbers have good taste and aesthetic qualities. Reviews of gardeners speak of the possibility of using fresh fruits for salads and for canning.

What are the benefits?

The culture can be grown outdoors and in conditions of film structures. Characteristics and advantages of the species:

  • good ability to withstand the absence of sunlight;
  • no pollination requirement for fruit set;
  • beam type of the formation of vegetables with the formation of 1 to 3 pieces in one node;
  • the ability to show high yields;
  • resistance to most cucumber diseases.

During the season, the plant is capable of giving from 14 to 16 kg of cucumbers from 1 m². Shrubs tolerate shade well and are able to adapt to difficult growing conditions. The variety is resistant to olive spot, mosaic, powdery mildew.

Features of the fruit

Cucumbers are distinguished by their special taste, which is preserved even when preparing blanks. Description of fruits:

  • young vegetables are dark green;
  • there are rare tubercles on the surface;
  • there are small white thorns;
  • the weight of a mature vegetable varies from 90 to 110 grams;
  • fruit length is 12 to 15 cm.

The fruits are characterized by a dense crunchy structure that does not contain voids.

Growing features

Cultivation of cucumbers Moscow evenings are carried out in seedlings or by direct planting in a permanent place. The first option is used if you want to get a crop in a short time. The time is determined in such a way that 42–45 days pass from the moment of emergence to the phase of fruit ripening.

For growing, gardeners every year come up with new ways that allow, in a limited space, to remove the maximum amount of cucumber harvest. The variety shows good performance when grown in the following interesting ways:

  • in plastic bags with a volume of at least 100 liters - no more than 3 plants are planted and watering is carried out by supplying water to hollow tubes;
  • growing in the form of a hut - the seedlings are planted in a circle with a diameter of 2 meters, into the center of which a long stake with a hook at the top is driven, the tendrils of the cucumbers cling to the fishing lines stretched with it as they grow;
  • the use of a trellis at an angle - planting is carried out on two narrow beds in two parallel lines, pegs are driven in at the edges and a rail is installed on top, cucumber bushes stretch up along the fishing line stretched to the rail.

Gardeners who have tried to grow the cucumber variety emphasize the ability to show good yields even with a lack of light. The fruits retain their taste and aroma properties throughout the growing season.

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