Choosing varieties of sweet peppers: cherry, bulgarian, dominator and others

Choosing varieties of sweet peppers: cherry, bulgarian, dominator and others

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Bulgarian pepper has gained its popularity for its excellent taste, breadth of use and the ability to grow in various conditions. It is possible to get a decent harvest in almost any region. To do this, you need to choose the right varieties of sweet peppers. Fortunately, there are a lot of them, for example, cherry pepper, hero, etc.

This plant from the Solanaceae family belongs to perennials, but it can be so only in its native lands, that is, in Central America. In Russia, sweet peppers are considered annuals.

Seeds can be grown both outdoors and in greenhouses, depending on the specific region.

Open ground varieties

Sweet pepper varieties are easiest to grow in the open air of the Krasnodar Territory, the Lower Volga Region and the North Caucasus. Usually, species that mature in about 120 days sprout well in such conditions. Among them:

  • Big Mama. A bush up to one meter high grows from the seeds. Each fruit weighs about 200 g, and the walls are about 13 mm thick. Ripe peppers are smooth, rectangular, and orange in color. It is consumed fresh, but it is also suitable for preservation.
  • "Bogatyr". The bushes are of similar height, but the texture of the fruit is bumpy. At first, the color is green, but the hue gradually changes to red. The weight of one fruit varies from 150 to 180 g. This variety is resistant to many diseases and easily tolerates the transportation process.
  • "Swallow". It ripens a little later, it takes about 130 days. A good harvest requires a number of rules to be followed, including removing all leaves before branching. As a result, smooth lettuce fruits with walls 5 mm thick are obtained. The weight of each of them can reach 70 g. In addition to taste, the main advantages are the resistance to diseases and the excellent yield of the variety.
  • Cherry pepper. Seeds germinate in two to three weeks, 70-80 days should pass before ripeness. The fruits are small, no more than 3 cm in diameter. In appearance they resemble a cherry, taste sweet and juicy.

Many people choose to grow species that mature much faster than 120 days. For example, Nikita pepper can be harvested after 70 days. The fruits have a glossy surface and a cuboid shape, the weight of each is about 80 g, the walls are not thicker than 5 mm.

Big Papu can be grown in 90 days. The harvest will consist of cone-shaped fruits, thick walls (about 8 mm), weight does not exceed 150 g. At the stage of technical ripeness, they have a purple color, and then turn brownish.

This variety can be stored for a long time, making it easy to transport.

Mid-season varieties

Among the most famous varieties with medium ripening periods, there is the Red Elephant pepper. After the emergence of seedlings to ripeness, it will take up to a hundred days. As a result, you will get a bush 90 cm high with fruits of large size, the minimum weight of which is 130 g, and the maximum weight is 210. They have a dark red hue. Kapia peppers can be described in a similar way.

Pepper Athlete is a mid-season hybrid that is easy to grow without a greenhouse. Under the conditions of use of seedlings, the ripening of the crop can be expected after about 67 days. The fruits are red in color, the weight does not exceed 140 g, and the wall thickness is 7 mm.

What mid-season sweet pepper varieties can be grown in the Moscow region:

  • "Hercules". Ripening takes one hundred and thirty days. The plant has a small height, about 40 cm, does not exceed one meter. The weight of each fruit will be 125-140 g, the amount of harvest is moderate. The peppers take on a reddish tint and cuboid shape.
  • "Sweet Chocolate". Its ripening also takes one hundred and thirty days, the height is average, about 80 cm. The fruits resemble pyramids in shape, their weight is about 130 g, the shade varies from green to chocolate.
  • "Iolo-miracle". This species is also known as Yolo Wonder pepper. Ripens in a maximum of 135 days, the height of the bushes is usually about a meter, but they are compact. The cube-shaped fruits have a fleshy texture and are colored red. Their weight is approximately 300 g.
  • "Dominator". The species stands out for its long fruiting period. Ripening takes place in 120 days, the bushes grow to a height of 70 cm. The fruits of the Dominator variety are colored red, their weight is about 200 g.

Among the mid-season varieties, the Snake pepper stands out, which was created thanks to Chinese breeders. Bushes 70 cm high give pods, their diameter is 2 cm, and the length is about 20-25 cm. Although in appearance the Snake resembles a hot pepper, it is sweet.

Black pepper

Most often in the gardens you can see fruits of red or green color, however, sweet peppers can also be black. For example, among the very early varieties, the Purple Bell stands out. It ripens in 80 days, yielding a rich harvest of thick-walled fruits weighing 150-170 g.

Other types:

  • The Black Horse. An early maturing species, it takes about a hundred days to ripen. About fifteen peppers appear on each bush, so the plant needs support. The wall thickness can be up to a centimeter. The black horse is immune to many diseases.
  • "Black Cardinal". Mid-season variety, ripening in 120 days. The plant grows up to 60 cm in height, the fruits are similar in shape to a truncated pyramid. The variety has gained popularity due to its high yield.
  • "Bagheera". Low bushes produce heavy, thick-walled fruits with a rich chocolate color. It is considered an early maturing plant.

The Mulat variety can be grown only in greenhouse conditions. Glossy fruits become ripe in 130 days, their weight is about 170 g. The walls are thick, about 7 mm. "Mulatto" stands out with a noticeable peppery smell; it can easily endure a moderate cold snap.

Late varieties

Of the late varieties for growing in greenhouse conditions, "Hottabych F1" is excellent. The fruits, which weigh about 100 g, ripen in about 170 days. The walls are of medium thickness, the shade ranges from green to red.

For 140 days, in the presence of shelter, the late-ripening hybrid "Nochka" manages to ripen. The bushes are high, up to 150 cm, the weight of the fruits is about 140 g. They have a slightly curved shape and purple color, the walls are about 7 mm thick. This type of pepper works best when used fresh.

The technical ripeness of the "Ruby" variety comes after one hundred and thirty days. It turns out medium-sized semi-sprawling bushes of small height, within 60 cm. Dark red fruits can weigh from 110 to 150 g, the thickness of their walls will be no more than 10 mm. The shape is flat-rounded, the length does not exceed 7 cm.

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