Technical grape variety "Platovsky"

Technical grape variety "Platovsky"

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Grapes "Platovsky" refers to the white technical varieties developed in Russian VNIIViV them. J.I. Potapenko. In the breeding work, such popular grape varieties as “Zaladende” and “Gift of Magarach” were used.

Grade characteristics

From the initial period of active vegetation to the full ripening of grape brushes, about 110-115 days pass, which made the Platovsky grape popular. Among amateur winegrowers, the hybrid form is often called the Early Dawn.

Grapes "Platovsky" has an average strength of bushes. The clusters formed are cylindrical, medium in size, weighing approximately 0.2 kg. The structure of the grape brush is moderately dense. Shoots ripen satisfactorily, at 80% or 85%. Each shoot has 1.3 grapes.

The ripened berries of the Platovsky grape have a round shape, white color with a slight pink tinge, average size, weight about 2.5 g. Taste good. Juicy flesh has a harmonious taste and is covered with a thin but strong enough skin. Sugar content is just over 20%. The maximum acidity does not exceed 8.9 g / l.

Grapes "Platovsky": a wine variety

Advantages and disadvantages

Grapes "Platovsky" has several very important advantages compared to many new hybrid forms:

  • unpretentiousness and good rooting;
  • easily propagated (it is recommended to use Kober 5BB as a stock);
  • good fruiting even when performing short trimming;
  • good and stable fruiting in adverse weather conditions;
  • the possibility of a long stay of berries on the bushes;
  • the possibility of using berries for drying, making juices
  • the high accumulation of sugars allows the use of berries to produce high-quality strong drinks.
  • resistance to many diseases: mildew - 2 points, oidium - 2.5 points, phylloxera - 3 points, gray rot - 2 points;
  • frost resistance up to -30 ° C.

Especially rapid growth of grape bushes is observed in the first year after planting seedlings in a permanent place. The tasting score of dry table wines made from grapes of this hybrid form is 8.5 points.

Grape planting

Technical grape varieties are less whimsical to planting and cultivation conditions and are cultivated in more mechanized ways in large vineyards. Nevertheless, many winegrowers successfully cultivate technical varieties on personal plots. Hybrid “Platovsky” grape seedlings can be planted not only in the spring, but also in autumn.

Standard landing requirements:

  • preference should be given to well-heated chernozems;
  • the area under the vineyard should be fully lit;
  • the size and depth of the pit or trench for planting seedlings are selected based on the diameter of the root system;
  • in the center of the pit for planting, a reinforcing rod or a wooden peg should be installed, which will serve as a support for the vine;
  • with a high occurrence of groundwater, it is necessary to equip a high-quality drainage system in a trench or pit for landing;
  • on top of the drainage it is necessary to carry out an embankment from the soil with the addition of complex fertilizers or humus.

Seedlings must be healthy, well developed, without damage. Planted plants should be fixed on a support and very abundantly watered.

Care Features

Grapes "Platovsky", like many technical varieties, as unpretentious as possible in cultivation and care. It should be remembered for irrigation, the volume of which depends on soil moisture. The main water-charging irrigation is carried out during the periods of spring awakening of plants, as well as before sheltering the vines for the winter. Mulching the soil reduces the need for watering plants and helps provide the root system with basic nutrients.

The ripening of the shoots is consistently good. The load on each bush can vary from 50 to 60 eyes. Pruning of the main fruit vine is recommended for 3 or 4 eyes. It is imperative to remove all stepsons on the bushes and absolutely sterile or underdeveloped shoots. To stimulate the accumulation of sugar, it is necessary to remove leaves that close the ripening grape brushes.

Attention should be paid to the preparation of grape bushes for wintering. In wine growing regions with long and very cold winters, it is imperative to bend the vine and shelter it with special or natural materials.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the varietal characteristics of the Laura grape.

Gardeners reviews

The hybrid form of grapes "Platovsky" receives an ambiguous assessment of winegrowers. Many gardeners are not happy with the variety because of the distinct taste of nightshade in ripened berries. On very dense hands, rotting is often observed. Recently, quite often you can find the implementation of grafting or unsuccessful clones under the Platovsky brand name, which makes a completely high-quality and worthy hybrid insufficiently in demand among many wine-growers.

How to plant grapes

Proponents of this hybrid form believe that the variety is good as a table grape. The taste is harmonious, sweet, muscat is almost not felt. It is recommended to carry out a high-stamp formation with a fruit link. A good result is also achieved on long fruiting sleeves of 20 or more buds when grown as a cover crop. Under such conditions, the bushes show sufficient resistance to diseases and show maturation optimally early for such a hybrid.