Grapes "Gala": a hybrid form for the northern regions

Grapes "Gala": a hybrid form for the northern regions

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Recently, a significant number of new hybrid forms of grapes have appeared, which have made a worthy competition to the already tested and popular varieties. Grapes "Gala" is a vivid representative of the demanded table grapes obtained as a result of crossbreeding.

Grade characteristics

“Gala” grapes from the amateur selection of V.V. Zagorulko were obtained by crossing the “Gift of Zaporozhye” and the popular “Kodryanka” grapes. The hybrid form is characterized by an early ripening period, which is 110-125 days.

The grape bushes of this hybrid form have strong growth and form well-ripening shoots with large leaves. Bisexual flowering, which provides high-quality and stable pollination. Large in size clusters can reach a weight of 1.5-2 kg and have a conical or cylindrical shape, have an average density.

Matured fully large berries are characterized by flatness, oval shape, dark blue staining. The average weight of the berries varies from 8 to 12 g. The taste of grapes is quite high. The taste of fleshy pulp is harmonious, but not distinguished by sophistication. Standard indicators of sugar accumulation slightly exceed 16% with juice acidity of up to 6.8 g / l. Berries are not prone to peeling.

Grade Benefits

Like most new hybrid forms derived from the most successful parental lines, Grape "Gala" demonstrates the following advantages:

  • stability of high and early crops;
  • decent taste indicators;
  • good resistance to the most dangerous fungal diseases for grapes, including mildew, oidium (by 3-3.5 points);
  • frost resistance up to - 21 ° С;
  • good ripening of the vine;
  • high level of rooting.

When cultivating this hybrid form, it is necessary to remember such a disadvantage as the tendency of berries to crack in too rainy weather.

Grapes "Gala": pre-sale preparation

Landing rules

Planting is recommended in the spring, which allows the seedlings to take root well and adapt during the summer and autumn to the winter cold. Insufficient frost resistance of the variety requires sheltering the vine for the winter.

Planting seedlings is carried out in several stages:

  1. Advance digging of planting holes with dimensions 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.8 m.
  2. Drainage of the planting hole using fine gravel or gravel, which will protect the plants from stagnation of moisture and the development of diseases of the root system.
  3. Filling the soil layer with the addition of basic fertilizers.
  4. Filling of nutrient soil.
  5. For seedlings installed in the planting hole, the root system should be straightened and covered with a nutritious soil mixture.
  6. After tying the vine to the support and watering, it is required to mulch the soil around the plant.

In the first two weeks after planting, abundant watering should be carried out and the course of the adaptation period should be carefully monitored. Due to the excellent rooting of cuttings, the reproduction of this hybrid form is carried out without problems and complications.

Care Features

Important to correctly carry out the basic measures for the care of plants, which will allow you to get early and high-quality fruiting of the vine in the garden.

Watering and feeding

Experts recommend combining irrigation activities with fertilizer application. Thus, it is possible not only to save time, but also to achieve a better distribution of fertilizers in the vineyard. The frequency of irrigation, as well as the amount of water used should take into account the amount of natural rainfall, as well as indicators of soil moisture.

Of particular importance is given to irrigation at the stage of flowering of the vineyard. When ripening berries, on the contrary, one should not only reduce watering, but also stop the application of nitrogen fertilizers, which will reduce the risk of cracking berries. In case of insufficient growth of shoots, the rate of fertilizer application should be increased or foliar top dressing should be carried out. Humus or compost must be applied one year after planting, at the rate of 10 kg per square meter of vineyard.

Cropping and shaping

Pruning is especially important for plants in the early years of development. It is at this stage that the yield indicators and the nature of the growth of the vine are laid. When pruning “Gala” hybrid grapes, it is recommended to leave from 35 to 45 buds on each bush. Shortening the vines should be carried out on 6-8 eyes.

The Gala grape variety has a fruiting coefficient of 1.3. It should be remembered that in connection with a stable high yield, bushes of this hybrid form need to be rationed. Excessive load of vines with grape brushes can not only reduce the taste of berries, but also significantly delay the ripening period.

After reading the corresponding article on our website, you can learn about the technology of planting grapes with cuttings in spring and autumn.

Reviews of winegrowers

To date, the hybrid form "Gala" has already been tested by winegrowers as a crop for growing in greenhouses. In the protected ground, the variety proved to be very good and allows you to get clusters with a weight of up to 2 kg. However, certain problems with the implementation of pollination were noticed, which is expressed in a certain unevenness of berries.

"Gala" perfectly ripens and does not cause much trouble to the gardener when cultivated in a personal plot.

Cultivation of grapes "Gala"

The hybrid form of Gala grapes compares favorably with other new early ripe dark-colored varieties with a high level of fruiting stability and reliability. Such grapes really deserve the attention of amateur gardeners due to excellent product data and the ability to get an early harvest.


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