Description of the tomato variety Tsarskaya branch and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Tsarskaya branch and its characteristics

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Vegetable growers in their plots try to grow such early ripe tomatoes that do not take up much space in the garden, give a good, friendly harvest and do not require special care - all these properties are possessed by the Tsarskaya Vetka tomato.

Description of tomato and its characteristics

From the moment the seeds are planted for seedlings, until the collection of ripening fruits of this species, it takes about 3.5 months. The bushes of this vegetable are of the determinant type; the stems do not require pinching. Shoots are strong, strong, erect, do not grow in height above 0.75-0.95 m, the bushes are compact, weakly branching.

The stems are weakly leafy, the foliage is of a rich emerald color, simple. Since the variety is early maturing, its stems, foliage and fruits are not damaged by the main disease of nightshade crops - late blight, which usually develops on plants by early to mid-August.

To other diseases of plants of the Solanaceae family in tomato Tsarskaya Vetka, resistance is at the level of average values. It should be especially noted that this vegetable crop is highly resistant to the tobacco mosaic virus.

Tomato Tsarskaya Vetka was bred for growing in open ground and under film removable covers. Therefore, hardened seedlings can be planted in beds under a film, if the likelihood of spring frosts has not passed, followed by growing tomatoes in the open field.

The description of the variety will not be complete without a story about the formation of ovaries and ripening of fruits. Those vegetable growers who have already planted the Tsar's Branch in previous seasons say that at least 6-7 racemose ovaries appear on one bush, on which rather large fruits then ripen.

The main characteristics of the ripening fruits are as follows: their shape is round, with light ribbing, the mass of a ripe tomato is 110-115 g. The aroma of the sung fruits of the Tsar's Branch is purely tomato, strong enough, the taste is excellent for an early-ripening variety. The tomato skin is strong enough, the whole fruit is bright orange in color. Inside there are at least 4 chambers with seeds.

Productivity from one bush can reach, with proper cultivation, up to 8.5-9.0 kg from one bush. In order for the entire crop to ripen on a bush, it is better to form a plant in no more than 2-3 stems.

The fruits of this early ripening variety are used fresh, including for the preparation of salads, as well as for canning.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The most important advantages of the variety:

  • high productivity;
  • compactness of bushes;
  • early and friendly ripening of fruits;
  • there is no need to carry out pinching;
  • resistance to late blight and tobacco mosaic virus.

There were no special remarks or negative reviews about the Tsarskaya Vetka variety.

The nuances of growing varieties

According to the reviews of vegetable growers who grow this variety with seeds for seedlings, planting seed material at home should be about two months before the planned planting of young plants in the beds.

There are no special recommendations for growing this variety in the beds - all care comes down to regular watering and top dressing, loosening the soil and removing weeds. A certain distance should be observed when planting seedlings in beds - 3-4 bushes are planted per 1 m². Those who planted this vegetable plant more often created difficulties for themselves in caring for a tomato, as well as difficulties in harvesting.

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