Description and varieties of Daddy petunias, planting and care features

Description and varieties of Daddy petunias, planting and care features

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Gardeners and florists have long been decorating their backyards with bush petunias. After all, the flower is actually unpretentious, easily tolerates climatic and weather changes.

Petunia Daddy differs from its relatives in large, multi-colored inflorescences, with beautiful flowers of unique colors. And even a novice gardener can grow a bush flower on his own.

Description and features

The flower bushes are small, from 25 to 40 cm, unpretentious to the composition of the soil and climatic indicators. The plant quickly adapts and begins to actively develop in different soil.

Inflorescences are multiple, bloom in large beautiful flowers in the form of large bells. Each flower can grow up to 10-12cm in diameter. The color of the flowers depends on the varietal variety.

The period of active flowering is long. Blooming flowers of a heterogeneous color, with a richer neck in color and a light mesh pattern on the petals.

Important! When planting Daddy's petunia, the love of this plant for a lot of sunlight is taken into account..


Bush petunia Daddy is divided into varieties that differ in a variety of shades of blossoming flowers. The rest of the characteristics of the hybrid flower are absolutely the same, requiring no special care when growing.


A type of red shrub flower, it is a petunia with bright red-purple flowers. The deep red shade of the neck of the flower turns into a mesh pink pattern on the petals.


The Sugar variety blooms with beautiful purple flowers. The neck of the flower is bright purple with a pink tint, turning into a mesh pattern on light petals.


Hybrid bush with large blue buds. A blossoming flower with a deep blue neckline, and a mesh pattern on delicate blue petals.


Pinkish large flowers and a scattered mesh of lilac shades on light petals.

Bushes of compact size are planted with excellent decorative properties.


Orchid bush petunia is distinguished by large purple and pink flowers. The neck at the inflorescence of bright lilac shades, turning into a mesh pattern on delicate pink petals.


Petunia Daddy Mix is ​​a mixture of flowers of various shades. A variety is used for decorating flower beds and hanging flowerpots.


Daddy's blue bush petunia with large, bright, solid colors. It is usually used to decorate the garden plot in combination with other colors of the variety.


Shrub flower with delicate pink inflorescences. The neck of a flower of a more saturated shade with a rolling mesh pattern on light petals.

How to grow seedlings

To decorate a home plot or garden with Daddy's petunia, you need to take care of growing seedlings in advance.

There are several ways to propagate flower bushes:

  1. Seeds. The purchased seeds are planted in the soil and germinated to the required size, and only then are planted in open ground.
  2. Using cuttings. This method is suitable for those gardeners and florists who already have Daddy's petunia in their garden collection.

Important! Petunia Daddy has small planting material, which means that the plant grows slowly, because the content of nutrients in the seeds is not enough for rapid development.


It takes a long time for the seeds of the plant to develop to the state of the first shoots.

In order for the garden plot to acquire a bright and festive look in the spring, they begin to grow petunias in early February. In this case, in the month of May, beautiful bushes will decorate the garden plot.

Soil requirements

For planting seeds, a soil containing humus, sand, peat and earth is suitable. You can also buy all-purpose flowering primer from your specialty store. Professional florists and gardeners use special peat tablets for growing seedlings.

How to plant

Any deep boxes or pots with drainage holes are suitable for planting seeds.

The pots are filled with earth and tamp well.

Important! If the soil in the planting containers remains loose, then small seeds will fall into it..

The seed material is very small, so the depth of the soil is minimal. The soil is thoroughly moistened before planting seeds. Further, each seed is distributed on the surface of the soil and lightly pressed down with a match or a toothpick.

After planting the seeds, for a greenhouse effect, the pots are covered with foil or glass.


Do not water containers with planted seeds. From the strong pressure of water, the seeds are knocked out of the ground and do not sprout. Therefore, containers with planted flowers are sprayed as needed from a fine spray bottle.


In stuffy, dry and unventilated rooms, flowers develop for a long time, and the emerging shoots are weak. If the air is too dry, place a container of water or a humidifier next to the pots. Containers with seedlings are removed to fresh air for a short time 2 times a day. Such events allow for the growth of strong, seasoned flowers.

Temperature and light conditions

Petunia is a light-loving plant. For active growth and development of flowers, it takes 10-12 hours of daylight hours. And since the seeds are planted in early February, the plants will need additional lighting.

To make the first shoots appear faster, the room temperature is maintained from 16 to 19 degrees.


As soon as young shoots grow up to 5-7 cm, they should be planted in different pots or boxes. In this case, the conditions for growing and caring for plants do not change.

Shoots that have reached 10 cm in height are pinned to form the correct bush. After such a procedure, the lateral branches of the plant grow actively, it develops the shape of a dense bush.

Landing in open ground

The seedlings have already grown, and now it is time to plant them in open ground in a garden or personal plot.

Important! Keep in mind that at least 2.5 months pass from sowing activities to petunia flowering..

When to plant

Planting seedlings of Daddy petunias in open ground depends on the climatic characteristics of the growing region. In the southern regions, flowers are planted in mid-May, in temperate climates in early and mid-June.

Seat selection

Petunias love a lot of sunlight, so flower beds are made on open, well-lit land plots.

If there is a close location of groundwater on the site, then the flower bed is slightly raised. An excess of moisture will lead to rotting of the plant's root system.

Ground requirements

The more fertile the soil, the more actively and better the plant develops. Petunia bloom also depends on the nutrient content of the soil. A few days before planting, the flower bed is dug up and loosened, lime is added to acidic soils, and neutral soil is fertilized with humus.

Landing scheme

Plant seedlings of petunias in open ground, on cloudy days, or after sunset.

Holes are dug in the flowerbed with a depth of 10 to 12 cm.A distance of 30-35 cm is observed between the bushes of the seedlings.

The container with the seedling is watered abundantly and carefully freed from the plant. The procedure is carried out carefully so as not to harm the root system of a young bush. A large lump of earth remains on the rhizomes, which, together with the flower, moves into the prepared hole. The soil around the petunia is compacted and poured with warm water.

Important! In the first days of growth in the open field, the seedlings must be shaded from direct sunlight..


Petunia is a delicate, vibrant plant that needs proper care. Therefore, as soon as the seedlings are planted in open ground, they are surrounded by careful care, love and care.


Bush petunia is not demanding for watering. Flowers are irrigated only on hot days and heat. Watering works are carried out in the early morning before sunrise, or in the evening, when the sun's rays no longer hit the plant.

Top dressing

As soon as the plant has acclimatized in the soil, and this happens 10-12 days after planting, it is fed with nitrogen fertilizers.

The next feeding is carried out with phosphate and potassium fertilizers during the period of bud formation.


So that the flowering of a beautiful bush does not stop for a long time, the wilting buds are removed, making room for new inflorescences.

How to decorate a garden

Hybrid varieties of petunias Daddy are distinguished by high decorative characteristics. These flowering bushes look especially beautiful in versions of carpet decorations for personal plots.

Alpine slide

Bushes with beautiful, large flowers can become the center of an alpine slide or composition. If you put a little effort and imagination, you will get a unique design for the rock garden.

Such decoration methods are used not only on personal plots, but also on balconies, gazebos and loggias.

Flowerpots and hanging pots perfectly decorate stairs and arches. Experienced flower growers decorate old trees with such baskets.

Raised flower bed

A raised flower bed is constructed from any materials at hand. You can make a multi-level flower bed and plant multi-colored varieties of Daddy petunias on it.


Ordinary plastic pipes will be an excellent design solution for decorating a garden area. The pipes are cut to different lengths and dug into the ground at different levels. Bushes with beautiful flowers are planted in the pipes.

With the right care, ingenuity and imagination, your garden plot will turn into a fairytale world.

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