Characteristics and description of the Shedi lady tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Shedi lady tomato variety, its yield

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"Shedi Lady" is a hybrid variety. Reviews of summer residents indicate that its fruits are juicy, sweet, rich in vitamins. Tomatoes can easily tolerate mild heat or drought. The variety grows quickly and ripens early. The bush is not tall, with proper care and formation, the quality and quantity of fruits improves.

Characterizing features of the variety

The tomato variety bred in the Netherlands is undersized, determinate, early. Has a sweetish taste, dense skin protects against cracking. The bush has powerful wide leaves, which contribute to the long-term preservation of moisture inside the plant. Plants of this variety reach a height of 60 - 70 cm. Fruits grow in the form of a bunch of 3 - 4 pieces. Tomato variety Shedi Lady F1 can be grown in any area of ​​Russia.

Description of fruits:

  1. The fruits are distinguished by a rich red color, a flattened shape and a small percentage of wateriness.
  2. The highest palatability among tomatoes.
  3. Fruit weight - 160 - 200 grams.
  4. Tomatoes of this variety are not suitable for salting. The fruits are used in salads, fresh, for making ketchup, sauce, juice, for stuffing. Tomatoes of this variety are used frozen and in soups.

The description of the variety consists of a number of advantages:

  1. The plant is very unpretentious to weather conditions and temperature changes.
  2. Easily transported without losing external and taste qualities. Keeps fresh for a long time.
  3. The fruit is able to ripen at room temperature.
  4. Doesn't require frequent watering.

Differs in a high yield of products. To get a rich harvest, you need to engage in the formation of a bush. If grown in 2 stems and the extra brushes removed, the yield will increase markedly. The fruits will be smoother and larger.

Cultivation technology of the Shedi Lady variety

To achieve the desired result, it is better to grow tomato seedlings yourself. Seeds for future fruits should be sown in the spring - at the beginning of March, so that young plants can gain strength for a pick.

You can purchase soil for bush plants at the store or prepare your own. To do this, mix the garden soil with humus. For disinfection, it is advisable to warm the earth well in the oven.

It does not really matter what to sow the seeds of the Shedi Lady tomato varieties. The most convenient dishes are cassettes. It is easy to water seedlings in them through a pallet, they are compact: you can place everything on one window sill.

If you are sowing homemade tomato seeds that were harvested last season, it is better to undergo disinfecting prophylaxis and heat treatment, which will help improve the quality and quantity of Shedi Lady shoots. You can use a proven method to place the seeds in a light pink manganese solution and soak in it for several hours. After that, rinse and dry the tomato seeds well.

With purchased seeds, such a procedure is not necessary: ​​they are processed before packing in one bag.

The seeds are sown to a depth of 1.5 - 2 cm, lightly sprinkled with earth and sprayed with warm water from a spray bottle. Boxes with tomato seedlings are covered with a lid or foil and placed in a warm place. After about 8 - 10 days, the first shoots will appear. It will be necessary to remove the cover from the boxes and put in a sunny place.

Seedlings are very demanding on lighting: with a lack of light, the tomatoes will be thin and elongated. To prevent the plants from being one-sided, the dishes must be turned every 2–3 days, then the lighting will be even.

After two full-fledged leaves appear, the seedlings can be dived into separate cups. Immediately after planting, it is necessary to feed with phosphorus, vitamin and mineral composition.

2 weeks before planting this tomato variety in a greenhouse or open ground, it is necessary to undergo hardening: take out the boxes with seedlings on the veranda or balcony for several hours, but be sure to avoid direct sunlight. Increase the time spent in the fresh air every day. In the last days before planting, leave it outside overnight.

Reviews of the Shedi Lady indicate that the tomato does not tolerate frost.

Transplanting tomatoes to the garden

Tomatoes are planted in the greenhouse in early May, and under the open sky - after the threat of frost has passed. Cover with foil at night. Before planting seedlings, the soil must be prepared: dig up the earth, loosen it well and feed it. Fertilizer should be applied in three steps before digging, during planting and after.

1 m2 plant no more than 8 roots of this variety. Caring for tomatoes is usual: loosen, weed and water on time. You can water the variety only with warm, settled water. Low temperature water will negatively affect plant growth. During the active maturation of the bush before flowering, nitrogen-containing fertilizers are used, and when ovaries appear, you can only feed them with organic or mineral fertilizers.

Organics should not be overused in order to avoid the accumulation of nitrates in the fruits of the Shedi Lady tomato variety. In order for the yield of the variety to be higher, the extra stepchildren of the tomatoes must be cut off.

Fight against diseases and insects

Tomato Shedi Lady is characterized by high immunity to such diseases:

  • verticillosis;
  • fusarium;
  • tobacco mosaic.

For preventive purposes, it is advisable to constantly process tomato bushes with special medicinal preparations. Fitosporin or a weak manganese solution will help get rid of apical, gray and root rot. It is necessary to fight against harmful parasites immediately after detection.

To do this, you can use folk methods to combat aphids:

  1. The solution of karbofos is low-toxic, does not harm the plant, and acts on aphids for several days.
  2. Soapy solution with sifted ash. It acts not only as a top dressing, but also helps to get rid of pests and aphids on plants.
  3. Tobacco infusion. Its pungent aroma repels and destroys pests from tomatoes. For manufacturing, it is necessary to pour 350 g of tobacco into a liter of boiling water. Boil for about half an hour, then strain and dilute in 10 liters of water. Treat the plants in the evening and take a five-day break.
  4. Potatoes are considered a strong remedy against bugs, aphids, larvae, caterpillars. To prepare such a solution, you need to grind the potato tops and pour cold water (10 liters). Insist for several hours, then process the tomatoes. After the procedure, the pests will disappear in 2 - 3 hours.

To combat insects, you can use insecticides, but during the fruiting period they are not recommended to use - the use of such tomatoes can negatively affect health. With proper care, the characteristic of this tomato variety is extremely positive.

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