Instructions for the use of herbicide Axial, consumption rates and analogues

Instructions for the use of herbicide Axial, consumption rates and analogues

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In order to preserve the ear crops as much as possible, it is required to destroy weeds. The new systemic two-component herbicide "Axial" is designed to combat harmful plants. Weeds are often highly competitive with cereals. The drug is capable of acting against a wide range of weeds in spring and winter crops. It is used in tank mixes together with other anti-bipartite agrochemicals. The herbicide quickly and effectively causes complete weed death in a few days.

Composition, release form and purpose of the drug "Axial"

"Axial" belongs to the chemical class of phenylpyrazolines. The product contains two substances:

  1. Pinoxaden - 45g / l.
  2. Cloquintoset-mexil - 11.25 g / l.

"Axial" is produced in the form of a concentrated emulsion. The drug is packaged in a plastic container of 5 liters.

The herbicide is used in agricultural production. "Axial" is intended for spraying after germination of crops of wheat and barley from weeds. It is allowed to use aerial processing.

How does it work

The active ingredient pinoxaden penetrates through the leaf plates into the plant, is transported from the base to the top and back. Cloquintoset-mexil, or antidote, accelerates the process of neutralizing the toxins of the active component and converts it into neutral metabolites. Weed growth stops after two days. Leaf chlorosis and spotting are noticeable after 2-3 weeks. Weeds die off after 10-14 days.

Pros and cons of the remedy

Axial has many advantages:

  • takes control of the growth of wild oats in crops;
  • destroys all cereal weeds;
  • not phytotoxic;
  • shows selectivity for wheat and barley;
  • has no contraindications in crop rotation;
  • not afraid of precipitation even half an hour after treatment;
  • used in tank mixes.

The disadvantages are that you need to choose the moment when the weed is in the most vulnerable phase for the best result.

Combine herbicide with agrochemicals depending on which weeds prevail in the field.

Consumption rate

The dosage of the herbicide depends on the degree of contamination of the crops and the sensitivity of the weeds to the active ingredient.

For winter and spring wheat, the drug is effective when growing on crops of the following weeds - wild oat, foxtail, millet, broom. You need 0.7-1.3 l / ha of herbicide. The maximum dosage is needed when the field is heavily clogged and under unfavorable growing conditions.

For spring barley, in order to destroy species of bristle, millet, broomstick and other annuals, 0.7-1.0 l / ha of the drug will be required. Consumption of working solution - 200-300 l / ha, with aerial processing - 25-50 l / ha.

How to properly prepare a working solution

The cleanliness of the container, the serviceability of all parts of the sprayer, the water supply are checked on the eve of the work. Calculate the flow rate of liquid per hectare. Half of the tank is filled with clean water, the stirrer is turned on, the required amount of herbicide is added, the rest of the liquid, without ceasing to interfere. For a homogeneous mixture, stir the solution and during processing.

When mixing, first dissolve Axial, then another preparation.

Instructions for the use of the herbicide

Processing is done in the morning or evening hours with a weak wind speed. It is also necessary to prevent the mixture from getting on nearby growing neighboring crops. At the same time, the air temperature is desirable + 10 ... + 25 ° С. But the product works at +5 ° C. Spraying is not recommended in case of temperature extremes and if the plants are under stress. The sprayer equipment should be set to medium or fine spray for more effective results.

You can start work when the crops are in the 2-3rd leaf period. At the same time, wild oats have the beginning of the tube emergence, for other weeds - 2-3 leaves before the tillering stage. For wheat and barley, the herbicide is safe from the phase of formation of new shoots from the node to the flag leaf, weeds - from 2 leaves to the flag leaf. The action lasts 1.5-2 months.

Safety engineering

Treatment with the drug must be carried out in special protective equipment - overalls, glasses, respirator, gloves. "Axial" can be dangerous if it gets on the skin, mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean, running water, on the skin - first wipe with a clean dry cloth, then rinse. In case of ingestion, rinse your mouth, drink water and activated charcoal, call an ambulance.

The degree of toxicity of the drug

Danger to humans and bees - 3rd class. There are restrictions when working near fish ponds.

Compatibility with other products

Lancelot, Derby, Alto, Super are the most suitable partners for Axial. Compatible with other agricultural products. Before use, it is advised to do a compatibility test, remembering to dilute the chemicals with water.

Terms and conditions of storage

The place of storage of the agrochemical is a room where the air temperature is -10 ... +35 ° С. Term - 3 years in original packaging.

Drug analogs

Herbicides of similar action and application are effective for combating wild oats, bristles, mildews:

  • Traxos is based on pinoxaden and clodinafop propalgil.
  • "Pallas 45" - consists of piroxulam.

Watch the video: AXIAL: managing herbicide resistance (September 2022).


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