How to deal with wormy apples and when to spray, processing rules

How to deal with wormy apples and when to spray, processing rules

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Many people are interested in the actual question of how to deal with wormy apples. To cope with the problem, you can find an effective remedy. Most often, chemical and biological preparations are used for this. In addition to fixed assets, it is permissible to use folk recipes. In order not to face a problem, it is necessary to follow the rules of prevention.

Common causes of pests

People often wonder why wormy fruits appear on the tree. This symptom indicates the defeat of the culture by pests. A common cause of problems is infestation with the codling moth. This insect is a butterfly with a maximum length of 20 millimeters. Caterpillars of these pests are especially dangerous. Butterfly years begin in June and lasts 1 month. During this time, insects lay green eggs on leaves and fruits. During the season, the moth is capable of hitting up to 5 apples. If the apple falls, the parasites return to the tree again.

What contributes to the reproduction of the pest

Active years of butterflies are observed exclusively in warm weather. This happens at an evening temperature of at least + 15-17 degrees. Heavy rains and winds prevent pests from emerging. Otherwise, they attack trees.

Signs of tree infection

When a tree is infected, wormholes appear in the fruit. This symptom indicates the appearance of parasites. The main one is the codling moth. It is she who leads to the defeat of the fruits.

Harvest hazard

The moth is very harmful. It is capable of hitting up to 5 apples. Each butterfly lays 1 egg in different locations. Their maximum number can be 120 pieces. On a tree, the number of affected apples can reach 30%.

The worms enter the fruit through a skin injury or a petiole groove. They absorb the pulp, which causes the apple to rot.

The damaged area also attracts wasps. Rot creates favorable conditions for the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Means to fight the worm

Many people are interested in how to spray an apple tree. To avoid active reproduction of larvae, chemical, folk, biological agents can be used.


Organophosphates are considered the best options. They should be used during the period when egg caterpillars appear. To avoid damage to the tree, it is recommended to strictly follow the instructions on the package. The best options for drugs are Tod, Calypso, Atom. Personal protective measures are recommended when handling chemicals.


There are many simple and effective remedies that are harmless to insects. The most potent substances include:

  • Birch tar;
  • wormwood decoction;
  • infusion of tansy.

To help the product hold better, it is recommended to add crushed soap to the spray solution.


The most effective biological substances include the following:

  1. Lepidocide - helps to cope with the massive defeat of apple trees by caterpillars.
  2. Fitoverm is the most popular remedy. It can be used at any time. The drug is safe for people and crops.
  3. Bitoxibacillin - the composition is allowed to be used exclusively during the growing season.

Seasonal processing

Many people are interested in when to process apple trees. Measures should be taken taking into account the seasonal factor:

  1. In the spring, before the buds swell, it is recommended to remove old nests, peel the bark and prune branches.
  2. When the buds are swelling, remove the parasites by hand or shake the branches. It is also worth treating apple trees with copper sulfate or using Nitrofen.
  3. At the stage of bud formation, apply Bordeaux liquid.
  4. After flowering, collect adults by hand. It is also worth cleaning the bark and near-stem area.
  5. In summer, monitor the condition of trees. Removal of volunteers, caterpillars and other parasites is also important.
  6. In autumn, remove trapping belts, whitewash the tree, and trim.

How to get rid of the worm

What to do when worms appear? This question is relevant for many gardeners. There are many effective methods that can help solve the problem.

In the trunk of an apple tree

In the bark of trees, larvae lay sapwood, bark beetles, subcrustal leafworm. They make holes and lay eggs in them. Then larvae appear in the structure. To eliminate parasites, you need to do the following:

  • open the affected area;
  • draw an insecticide into a syringe and inject it into the wound;
  • treat the bark with a balsam based on clay, lime, mullein, copper and iron sulfate.

In flowers

The apple blossom beetle lays eggs in flowers. The larvae gnaw through the buds, which leads to a loss of yield. To cope with the problem, it is recommended to follow these rules:

  • use trapping belts;
  • shake off adults on a tarp - this is done in the morning;
  • whitewash the trunks with lime;
  • to process plants before bud break - for this it is worth using Spark or Karbofos.

Prevention measures

To avoid problems, it is recommended to do the following:

  • collect tracks by hand;
  • use trapping belts;
  • shake off parasites;
  • remove the trunk circle;
  • remove the affected areas.

Worms quite often infect apples. This creates many problems for gardeners. To cope with parasites, you need to process the planting in a timely manner.

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