Description of the tomato variety Yasha Yugoslavsky, features of plant care

Description of the tomato variety Yasha Yugoslavsky, features of plant care

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This tomato variety has its own history. He gained fame in the United States, but he himself came to the country from Yugoslavia. Recommended for growing in a greenhouse in cool countries, and in soil, in warm ones. Its peculiarity is that the Yasha Yugoslavian tomato has a powerful, tall bush. For this reason, for good fruit development, it should be tied to a support. He also needs to be pinned.

The only drawback is the tendency to double color. This leads to the fact that the fruit can double, and sometimes even build. This phenomenon is bad in that the appearance deteriorates, the taste deteriorates and the skin becomes denser. The plant spends a lot of energy on their formation, which has a bad effect on the rest of the crop. Often this negative phenomenon is attributed to improper care. In order for the fruits to be the same, you should observe the watering regime and promptly remove the appeared terry buds.

It is better to form a plant into bushes of two stems. It will be easy to care for them, and it will be convenient to harvest.

Characteristics of the variety

This type of tomato has mostly positive reviews and excellent characteristics. This is due to the fact that it has large, tasty fruits, pink-raspberry color.

The description of the fruit sounds tasty too. Their flesh is dense, with a small amount of grains. It is juicy, sugar at the break, there are no streaks in it. The weight of one tomato can reach up to half a kilogram, but mostly 300-350 grams are found.

The yield of the Yasha Yugoslavian tomato is high. It is great for greenhouse cultivation. In height, the bush can reach up to 1.8 meters. His sheet is simple.

It is better to plant seedlings. To do this, 2 months before planting, it is worth pre-sowing it. In terms of ripening, the tomato is mid-season.

Although the bush is extremely tall, this does not affect its yield. Its branches are completely covered with fruits. They are about the same size and have a peculiar heart-shaped shape.

This variety contains many vitamins, minerals and nutrients, therefore it is well suited for various salads. It is ideal for juices. But it is better to use it fresh, from heat treatment it loses the elements necessary for the human body.

Care features

Since this variety is considered rare in our area, not all gardeners are familiar with it.

In order to get an earlier and better harvest, the tomato needs to be pinned. This will allow nutrients not to go into the foliage. Stepchildren should be removed up to 5 centimeters, otherwise you will injure the plant. Pinching is carried out once in the last days of July.

Proper assimilation of nutrients in tomatoes directly depends on watering. On the open ground, you need to water a couple of times a week. If the bush grows in a greenhouse, then no more than once every seven days. It is better to use sediment water for irrigation, but rainwater is ideal.

Those who have already tried to grow this variety note that in extreme heat, a leaf burns in it, yellow shoulders form on the fruits. Gardeners also pay attention to the fact that when the branches are not too strong, you need to tie the brushes.

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