Description of tomato variety Nugget F1 and its characteristics

Description of tomato variety Nugget F1 and its characteristics

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Tomato "Nugget" is a stable, tasty, fruitful variety with beautiful, large red fruits. It is grown in different climatic zones in greenhouses and hotbeds.


Description of the variety: bushes of the hybrid "Nugget F1" indeterminate, grow up to 150-170 cm. The growing season lasts about 100 days.

The stem is strong, but liana-like, so the tomatoes must be tied to a support or on a trellis.

During growth, the bush is stepchild and the lower foliage is removed. Tomatoes "Nugget F1" are resistant to sunlight due to the abundant greenery, which protects the fruit from burns. The clusters form six or seven fruits. In total, 10-14 productive brushes are laid on the bush.

The yield reaches 8-9 kg of tomatoes from one bush with good care and proper agricultural technology. Long-lasting variety, bears fruit in the greenhouse even after all other varieties have already dried.

Characteristics of fruits: fruits "F1 nugget" are large, tasty, sweet with sourness. The plant sets many beautiful, red standard fruits, 170-200 grams each. The shape of the fruit is round, leveled. The fruits look like red apples. The tomatoes are fleshy, juicy, tasty, the skin is dense and tender.

Advantages of the F1 Nugget hybrid

The reviews and commercial qualities of the hybrid are excellent:

  • excellent taste;
  • attractive appearance;
  • fruits of standard size;
  • fruits are stable, do not wrinkle and do not crack during transportation and on the bush.

The combination of these qualities of the variety makes it attractive for vegetable growers to grow "Nugget F1" both for themselves and for sale. These tomatoes are in high demand on the market.

Red tomatoes contain the natural antioxidant lycopene, which destroys cancer cells and prolongs youth.

Tomatoes have a great effect on the work of the heart and vascular system, and also improve the functioning of the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Tomatoes, both raw and cooked, are very useful. Heat treatment increases the amount of vitamin C in tomatoes.

How to increase yields

The yield of the tomato variety "Nugget F1" can be increased subject to certain rules of agricultural technology:

  • You need to fertilize seedling sprouts once a week with liquid fertilizing for seedlings of vegetable plants.
  • During transplantation, it is necessary to use preparations to strengthen the root system, as well as ash, which is used to powder the holes.
  • Before planting seedlings, it must be carefully examined. Weakened as well as broken plants should be thrown away.
  • Tomato bushes are planted according to the scheme 80-100 cm between rows and 40-50 cm between bushes.
  • Tomatoes are best watered drip.
  • After planting tomato bushes, you need to water the tomatoes every 10-12 days.
  • Mulching the soil under the plant is best done with finely chopped grass, hay or straw.

It is necessary to carry out top dressing in a timely manner, as well as fertilization of the bushes. Loosen and weed the beds. The first is feeding with a nitrogen formula, then with potash fertilizers according to the scheme.

Disease resistance of tomatoes

According to the description, the tomato "Nugget F1" is one of the most disease-resistant hybridomas of tomatoes, so it practically does not get sick.

To get a tomato harvest earlier than stated by the manufacturer, you can use preparations with vegetable growth accelerators. For example, a modern biostimulator "Vitazim" (see the description and dosage in the instructions for the preparation).

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