Step-by-step recipe for making apple compote without sugar for the winter

Step-by-step recipe for making apple compote without sugar for the winter

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Apple compote is a tasty and healthy vitamin drink that can be consumed freshly or harvested in jars for the winter. Sugar-free apple compote tastes good and is healthy. Sugar is added to it to taste just before use. You can drink compote and unsweetened, as well as use it to make marmalade, liqueurs and other dishes.

Features of making apple compote without sugar for the winter

If the compote is planned to be preserved for the winter, you should prepare the container in advance. Only in well sterilized containers will the drink be stored for a long time without fermentation and spoilage.

If the compote is prepared for consumption freshly brewed, there are no strict requirements for the quality of the container, and the process of preparing the drink is not so laborious.

Necessary products

To prepare a drink you will need:

  • apples - 300 g;
  • water - 1.5 l.

Apples can be of any variety, but the compote will turn out richer and tastier if you use late autumn varieties with dense pulp - Antonovka, Saffron, Brown.

Selection and preparation of ingredients

Apples for compote must be clean, free from signs of disease and decay, not affected by pests. The skin must be thoroughly washed, and the stalks must be removed. The spoiled areas should be cut to a clean pulp.

Washed and dried apples are cut into slices. The core is then removed. If the skin is thin and soft, it is left on the fruit.

It is better to cut off thick and tough skin.

How to prepare containers

For the preparation of compote, glass jars with a volume of 1, 2 or 3 liters are used. They must first be inspected for cracks, chips and other defects. Defective cans cannot be used.

After inspection, the containers are washed with soap and soda under hot running water, and then rinsed. A pot of water is placed on the fire. A metal grate is placed on top of it (a sieve can be used). Banks are placed upside down on the wire rack. Steam rising from boiling water sterilizes the containers. Sterilization time is 15 minutes.

The sterilized cans are removed from the wire rack and placed with the neck down on a clean cloth. The lids are boiled for 10-15 minutes in water immediately before rolling the cans.

Glass lids can be sterilized with jars over steam, and iron clamps can be boiled before rolling.

How to make sugar-free apple compote

The apples cut into slices are placed in a saucepan, poured over with cold water and put on medium heat. After boiling, the compote is stirred and removed from heat. The drink is insisted for 20 minutes. After that, it becomes ready for use.

To prepare a canned blank for the winter, sliced ​​apples must first be soaked in a salt solution. For its preparation, take 1 tsp. salt per 1 liter of water. The fruits are left in solution for 5-7 minutes, after which they are removed and immersed in boiling water.

The apples are blanched for 7-15 minutes, until tender.

At the same time, the water should practically come to a boil, but not boil. Then the fruit is transferred to cold water.

The cooled apples are placed in pre-sterilized jars, filling them up to the shoulders or 2/3. Boiling water is poured into the container in small portions, filling them so that the water level is 2 fingers below the top of the can. Instead of water, you can use apple juice, previously squeezed out of some of the harvested apples and heated to 90-95 ° C.

Then the containers are covered with sterilized lids and placed in a pot of water. The water level should reach the hangers of the jars. The containers are sterilized with a slight uniform boil. The sterilization time after boiling water for liter cans is 10-12 minutes, for 2-liter cans - 15-18 minutes, for 3-liter cans - 20-25 minutes.

After this time, the lids of the cans are rolled up immediately. Containers with compote are turned upside down and cooled at room temperature for 24 hours, and then put away for storage.

Storage of workpieces

It is necessary to store freshly brewed compote in the refrigerator. Jars rolled up for the winter can be stored at room temperature, but it is best to place them in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. A cellar or refrigerator is well suited for these purposes.

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