Description of the Azov tomato variety, recommendations for growing and care

Description of the Azov tomato variety, recommendations for growing and care

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Another high-yielding hybrid of the first generation, the Azov tomato, is presented on the Russian market. It was bred for cultivation in unheated greenhouses. The variety has proven itself well among the population and agronomists of agricultural land.

Hybrid characteristics

The bush is indeterminate (unlimited in growth), powerful, if the stepsons are not removed, the plant will grow into branches. When planting in the ground, all the stepchildren are removed on the stem. Thus, a bush is formed into one stem. The leaves are medium, green in color. Simple inflorescences with 5-6 ovaries are formed on the bush. High yield - up to 10 kilograms of fruit are removed from one square meter.

Description of fruits - round-flat, smooth. When ripe, a green spot is formed near the stalk. The color of the tomato is bright red, the weight of one fruit reaches 160 grams. The pulp is dense, juicy; when ripe, from 4 to 6 chambers with seeds are formed. Taste characteristics are excellent. Sweet and sour taste and tomato aroma are perfectly combined in fresh salad and freshly squeezed tomato juice. You can make a sauce based on Azov tomatoes. But the main purpose of the fruit is salad.

Agrotechnics Sorts Azov

Tomatoes are grown in seedlings. At the end of March, seeds are planted at home for seedlings and covered with foil until the first shoots. When the seeds germinate, the film is removed, the container with the seedlings is placed in a sunny place and the sprouts are taken care of.

When two permanent leaves are formed on the plants, they dive into separate containers with fertilized soil. Thus, the seedlings grow before the onset of warm weather. At a constant temperature of 22 degrees, the sprouts are transplanted into a greenhouse for further growth.

Tomato care

After transplanting, each bush is tied up, this procedure is carried out in two ways:

  • binding to stakes;
  • garter by the stem to the bar.

Since the plant is not limited in growth, you will have to tie it up several times, trying not to damage the stem.

  1. Grassing is an important element in obtaining a high-quality crop. When formed in one lash, all lateral shoots are removed. If the foliage does not allow sunlight to reach the fruit, it is also gradually removed.
  2. Top dressing is an integral part of growing any kind of tomato. During cultivation, plants are fertilized at least three times with organic and mineral fertilizers.
  3. Watering and loosening the soil is carried out as it dries. An excess of moisture is just as harmful as drought, so you need to carefully monitor the level of moisture in the soil and air in the greenhouse.
  4. Weeding will help the tomatoes ripen faster. Trace elements will not go into weeds and plants will grow better.
  5. Timely collection of fruits will extend the ripening period of tomatoes.

With simple care of tomato plants, you get a good harvest of tasty fruits.

Variety reviews

Since the appearance of the tomato variety Azov F1, it has received a lot of reviews from gardeners and agronomists. Among the positive qualities, gardeners distinguish the following characteristics:

  1. Resistant to many diseases.
  2. Convenience of growing tomatoes.
  3. Excellent taste.
  4. The ability to produce tomatoes for sale (it has excellent commodity and transport qualities).
  5. The hybrid grows even in difficult weather conditions.
  6. The long fruiting period allows you to harvest until autumn.

We got acquainted with the new Azov hybrid, learned its characteristics, growing conditions and reviews about the tomato. Now it remains to fulfill all agrotechnical conditions and get a rich harvest.

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