Description of the cucumber variety Zhuravlenok f1, its characteristics and yield

Description of the cucumber variety Zhuravlenok f1, its characteristics and yield

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Cucumber Crane f1 is a unique hybrid, popular for its excellent taste and high yield. The variety appeared by crossing two types of cucumbers, from each of which the breeders took the best qualities of the species. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Description of the variety

The variety is pollinated by bees, early maturing. From the emergence of seedlings to the collection of the first cucumbers, an average of 45 days pass. Suitable for growing in unfavorable weather conditions, unlike other vegetables, they give a high yield.

Reproduction takes place through lateral shoots, which are highly developed. At the same time, the main shoots growing on the main stem are weak, develop slowly and may not ripen.

Description of fruits:

  • shape - oval-cylindrical;
  • color - bright green, up to the middle of the cucumber there are light blurred stripes;
  • surface - matte, in pimples, with black dots;
  • length - 10-12 cm;
  • diameter - 3.6-4 cm;
  • weight - 100-110 g.

8-10 kg of cucumbers are harvested from 1 m². To increase yields, the density of seedlings should be 3-4 plants per 1 m² of planting. Fruiting until the onset of cold weather.


A good harvest can be obtained with the proper attention and strength to the process. Growing recommendations:

  1. Planting seeds in open ground is carried out at the end of May, after the last frosts have passed. Favorable soil temperature - + 15 ° С.
  2. It is necessary to prepare in advance the covering material for cucumber seedlings - agrofibre or film.
  3. The soil is well dug up before planting, compost and humus are introduced in a few days.
  4. Immerse the seeds into the prepared holes to a depth of 3-4 cm.
  5. Landing scheme - 50x30 cm.

Covering material is needed to protect against night temperatures, even if the weather is warm during the day.

The plant is long-leaved, the density is formed in the phase of 1–2 leaves. It is characterized by intensive growth of the main stem, the height of which reaches 190 cm. The first harvest is observed in early July.

Care features

It is recommended to systematically water the beds with warm water in the morning and evening. You need to apply fertilizers in one season at least 5 times, preferably every 10 days.

It is important to weed and loosen the soil, do not forget about feeding. The beds must be free of weeds.

Overripe cucumbers lose their original taste, as they draw in excess moisture and nutrients. To prevent this, the harvest should be carried out systematically.

Hybrids are more adapted to various conditions, in a lean year they please with a good result.

Advantages and disadvantages

The hybrid is versatile, good for making salads and preserves. The characteristic and positive aspects are as follows:

  • high taste;
  • resistance to most cucumber ailments;
  • good productivity;
  • unpretentious care;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • excellent presentation;
  • growing in soils of any type;
  • affordable price of planting material.

The variety practically does not require preventive measures. Only at the beginning, before planting, it is recommended to fertilize the soil with organic or mineral compounds.

Among the shortcomings, experienced gardeners note large shoots that require garters and support. Carrying out manipulations gives a lot of trouble, including when harvesting.

Pests and diseases

The variety is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, bacteriosis, rot and powdery mildew. Downy mildew tolerant. However, experts recommend that you still carry out seed treatment before planting. For this, only large seeds are taken from a pack, after which they are treated with any preparation of complex effects. Seeds of cucumber varieties Zhuravlenok should lie in the solution for a day, dry out and only then be planted in the ground.

Harvesting and storage

The fruits should not outgrow, the collection should be carried out mainly every other day, which will allow picking small cucumbers. Harvesting is best done in the morning, at which time the fruits are most juicy.

Cucumbers are transportable; when stored in proper conditions and at the correct temperature, they retain their presentation for 3-4 months.

Gardeners reviews

Gardeners note that the variety gives a good and early harvest. The fruits do not require scrupulous care, which is especially important for summer residents who come to the garden only on weekends.

The pulp is sweet, tender and crunchy, without voids, the rind is thin. Cucumbers without bitterness. Seeds sprout well, actively start growing. The harvest is plentiful, while the cost of seeds is reasonable.

The seeds of the variety are popular due to their excellent quality. The pits with seeds germinate completely, there is no need for additional replanting. The variety is resistant to hot weather, with timely watering it does not cause any problems.

Cucumbers Zhuravlenok are a unique variety that has advantages over other varieties. Suitable for growing in any conditions, giving a stable yield. The main thing is to water and fertilize the plants in a timely manner.

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