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How and when to trim David's buddha

How and when to trim David's buddha

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How to cut David’s buddha in summer, autumn and spring so that it grows and blooms? What is better to fertilize?


Buddleya David forms flowers only on young shoots. Therefore, for lush flowering, the shrub requires pruning. It is advisable to carry it out in the spring, in March (when the plant is still sleeping). Cut the shoots, about 15-20 cm in length, leaving a few buds on each. Pruning is also done in the fall, this is especially important if the buddha grows in the middle lane, which means it requires winter shelter. They cover with spruce branches or a wooden box covered with plastic wrap.

In the spring, they are fed with nitrogen fertilizers, in the summer with organic fertilizers (wood ash), in the autumn with a mixture of fertilizers, which include phosphorus and potassium. Watering is carried out regularly under the root, preventing waterlogging. The bush loves spraying with water.