Instructions for using the fungicide Maxim and how it works

Instructions for using the fungicide Maxim and how it works

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When growing vegetables or fruits, many gardeners use fungicidal formulations that protect plants from various diseases. At the same time, some people use the fungicide "Maxim", which is used to protect seedlings from the development of rot.

The composition and form of release of the fungicide "Maxim"

Before using such a drug, it is recommended to understand its composition and release form. The product is made on the basis of natural ingredients, and therefore it is safe for plants. It is produced in the form of a liquid suspension, which is sold in small ampoules with a volume of 2-4 milliliters. To process a large number of seedlings, they buy a preparation in a canister.

How does the remedy work?

To become familiar with the main features of a fungicide, you need to understand how it works. After use, the liquid particles form a protective film on the treated surface. It prevents pathogens from entering, making plants less likely to become infected with diseases. Also, a protective barrier appears near the seedlings rhizomes.

What are they used for?

Every person who is going to use the Maxim fungicide must understand the peculiarities of its use. The solution protects vegetables and horticultural crops from the most common diseases. It is used to process:

  • seeds during preparation for planting or long-term storage;
  • tubers;
  • rhizomes of flowers before transplanting into the garden;
  • soil before agricultural work;
  • herbs.

Benefits of the drug

There are several benefits of a fungicide that you should be familiar with in advance:

  • strengthens the root system of treated seedlings;
  • accelerates the development of plants;
  • provides reliable protection against fungal pathologies;
  • extends the shelf life of seeds;
  • has small consumption rates.

Disadvantages of a fungicide

However, this drug has some disadvantages. The main disadvantages of the fungicide include the following:

  1. Addictive. If you use a fungicidal liquid repeatedly, pests and pathogens become addictive.
  2. Dangerous for fish. Such a remedy can harm fish and therefore should not be used near bodies of water.

Preparation of working solution

To properly prepare a working solution, you need to understand the main features of its creation.

For potatoes

It is often used to treat potato tubers. To prepare a spray, add 4-6 milliliters of the drug to one hundred milliliters of water. Each tuber is treated with the prepared product. If you need to spray a lot of potatoes, you need to put them in plastic wrap and process them. Then the potatoes are dried and planted in the garden.

For flowers

Sometimes the composition is used for orchids and other flower seedlings. To spray the bushes, you need to add two milliliters of fungicide to a liter of water. The created liquid is sprayed on the soil under the flowers. One hundred milliliters of funds are spent for each seedling.

For soil

There are times when you have to spray not the plants, but the surface of the soil. For soil treatment, more concentrated compositions are used. Therefore, during the creation of the solution, 8-10 milliliters of the fungicidal composition are added to a liter of liquid.

Terms of use

There is a special instruction for the use of the product that will help you to use it correctly.

To process the bulbs and tubers of flowers, you need to dip them in a container filled with a solution. They should be soaked in fungicide for half an hour, after which they are transplanted into a flower bed.

When processing potatoes before storage, for twenty kilograms of funds, 150-200 milliliters of the drug are consumed. For preplant use 200-400 milliliters.

Fungicide safety

The drug has a moderate danger to humans and therefore, before using it, you should familiarize yourself with safety precautions. Experts advise using protective equipment so that fungicide particles do not enter the respiratory tract and on the skin surface. Common protective equipment includes a respirator, headgear, and rubberized gloves.

Help with drug poisoning

If you do not adhere to safety precautions, signs of poisoning may appear. In this case, the following measures are taken:

  • the place of contact with the liquid is washed with soapy water;
  • if the solution has penetrated into the oral cavity, it is necessary to drink activated charcoal (a gram of tablets is used per kilogram of weight).

If signs of malaise appear, seek help from a toxicologist.


The drug has poor compatibility with formulations based on organic solvents. Therefore, using them together is contraindicated.

Features of storage of the drug

The prepared working solution must be used within 20-30 hours, since it loses its activity during long-term storage. If during this time it was not possible to completely use up the product, it is poured out.

Are there any analogues?

There are several products that have similar properties as "Maxim". These include the following:

  • "Switch";
  • "The Wrestler";
  • Celest Top;
  • Fludioxonil;
  • Sinclair.


Crop crops often need to be sprayed to protect them from pests and diseases. Some people use the fungicidal preparation "Maxim" for this. Before using the composition, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations for creating a working solution and its further use.

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