Bomb cakes: a real bomb of taste and smell!

Bomb cakes: a real bomb of taste and smell!

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In the cold winter time, nature rarely spoils us on fine days, and they are too short. So I want to enjoy myself and loved ones with some “delicious” for long evenings! But for the preparation of delicacies was not too troublesome. And the bombs in this sense are just a find.

Dish features

The name of these more and more common pies now corresponds to their shape and, of course, to the breathtaking taste and aroma. Thanks to garlic and various greens, the pies have an extremely attractive smell.

This is simply an indispensable dish for breakfast, a great snack for any occasion, especially on a picnic or on a trip. The pies are delicious both hot and cold.

And if in the refrigerator there is always a ready-made dough for such pies, then a sudden arrival of guests will never take you by surprise. Indeed, for "Bomb" any filling is suitable, and you can cook this wonderful dish pretty quickly. Well, it's time to talk about the "Bombs" in more detail and more specifically. And you need to start the story with a test.

Types of test for "Bomb"

Such pies can be made both from choux pastry and from ordinary and puff yeast dough.

Yeast Dough Recipe

This dough is made from water, milk, mineral water or kefir. Although it is obtained from different components different, but it will always be delicious. It’s better to warm the milk a little. It will need half a liter. In addition, you need 50 g of fresh yeast, 2 eggs, a little less than half a glass of sunflower oil, a little salt and sugar.

Cooking Technology:

  • Yeast is diluted with milk with sugar dissolved in it.
  • When they begin to foam, then part of the flour is added to the mixture and the dough is allowed to rise well, placing it in a warm place. It is also necessary to cover the container with a lid or a napkin.
  • Then, the remaining flour, eggs and half the butter are introduced into the dough. The remaining oil will be needed so that the dough does not stick to the hands when kneading.
  • To make it airy and light, the test needs to be given time to approach 2-3 times, each time knocking it out after lifting.

If the pies are baked in the oven, and not fried in a skillet, then their appearance is important. So that the top does not crack and is shiny, it should be greased with whipped yolk. You can do this not before baking the pies, but a little later, taking them out of the oven in the middle of the process.

To make the crust matte, the top is lubricated in the same way either with sweetened water or with yolk with sugar and milk. To make the pies crispy, they are already in the hot oven. And if you want to achieve a shiny top and a crispy effect on the pies, then they are smeared with yolk before baking in the oven, and after the finished product is removed from the oven, the top is smeared with sweet water. To do this, dissolve a teaspoon of sugar in 3 teaspoons of the liquid.

Choux yeast dough

The yeast-based base of the Bomb pies is prepared as follows:

  • bring a glass of water with 4 tablespoons of sunflower oil, a teaspoon of salt and sugar to a boil;
  • pour 2 cups flour with this mixture, stir;
  • let the dough cool;
  • then gradually add 1.5 cups of flour and stir.

Water can be replaced with a glass of low-fat kefir, yogurt or whey. And in the recipe you can still enter a couple of spoons of bran.

Bomb cakes without eggs and yeast

Types of fillings

Pies "Bombs" are so good because for them you can select a wide variety of fillings.

  1. Tomatoes with hard grated cheese.
  2. Tomatoes with cottage cheese or feta cheese.
  3. To tomatoes, you can also add green onions with boiled eggs, fresh or sour cabbage.
  4. All the same tomatoes are placed with fried sausage or boiled sausage and boiled egg.
  5. You can combine tomatoes with minced meat, diced boiled or smoked chicken breast.
  6. A variety of meat fillings is also good on its own with greens, garlic, grated cheese or a boiled egg. This is especially suitable in winter when there are no tomatoes.
  7. Mushrooms are also good for such an appetizer, with or without tomatoes. Prepare them like this:
  • legs are cut from mushrooms;
  • they are baked in the oven;
  • allow excess juice to drain, and then put in pies.

Tomatoes for filling are chosen not too large and not fleshy, but dense.

The technology for the preparation of pies "Bombs"

Usually start cooking these pies with kneading dough. When the dough is ready, then proceed to the filling. The sequence of preparation of "Bombs" on the example of the most common curd filling for them is as follows:

  1. An egg is introduced into the curd, garlic squeezed through a press, finely chopped greens: cilantro, dill or parsley.
  2. Everything is mixed and salted to taste.
  3. Tomatoes are cut in circles, usually from a medium tomato they are 5.
  4. The dough is divided into 2 parts, each of which is rolled with a thin layer of round shape.
  5. On one of the parts are laid out circles of tomatoes at a distance of 3 cm.
  6. They spread the curd mixture on them.
  7. All this is covered with a second layer of dough and pressed tightly, and then rolled with a rolling pin.
  8. A glass cut out circles with a diameter of a couple of centimeters more than a slice of tomato.
  9. The edges of each pie are tightly connected and made into fringes or wrapped, like dumplings.
  10. Then the pies are fried on both sides until golden brown or baked in the oven.
  11. Ready-made "Bombs" are laid out on napkins to get wet the excess oil.

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Submission Rules

They serve pies to the table warm or cooled, they are tasty in any form. You can combine them with broth or tea. To make the pies look festive and stay fresh longer, they can be laid out on a beautiful dish, covered with delicate napkins or a bright towel. Before serving, "Bombs" can be sprinkled with herbs.

There are several ways to originally serve such pies.

  • Flower pies. In this case, the seven "Bombs" will be the petals that hold together before baking. In the middle lay the mashed potatoes, formed in the form of a ball. On it you can put olive sliced ​​into slices or red bell pepper in the form of sunlight. The potato filling should be firmly connected to all the pies. Such a flower is baked in the oven.
  • For children, an interesting variation may be tortoise pie. 4 legs, a tail and a head are made of dough. The eyes may be peas or something else. And on the “shell” curly hexagons or circles are squeezed out, using baking cuttings for this. Then the "turtle bomb" is baked in the oven.

Pies "Bombs" from kefir custard dough

Wonderful pies with various fillings will be the “highlight” of your table. They are fragrant and delicious. Cooking them is easy. And they are appropriate at any time of the year.