Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Cheerful gnome, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Cheerful gnome, its yield

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A very cute tomato Cheerful gnome has fruits of an unusual, elongated, pepper-like shape. The variety is undersized, high-yielding. The description of a miniature plant by gardeners speaks of its decorative merits. Bright red fruits hang on twigs, resembling the caps of fairytale heroes. Compact bushes are suitable for growing as a curb plant, for flower beds, balconies, loggias, window sills.

Important! Early transplanting of seedlings into open ground is beneficial for hardened plants. They take root quickly, evaporate less moisture through the leaf plate and begin to intensively grow the root system.

Main varietal features

The "Merry Gnome" tomato variety by Russian breeder Myazina, Ph.D. in agriculture, is designed for short, cold summer conditions.

Main characteristics:

  • the variety belongs to the category of early ripening and from germination to full fruiting it takes about 100 days;
  • a low tomato, with a standard type of bush, a strong erect stem 40 - 50 cm high. In any case, even outgrowing by 10 - 15 cm, "Merry Dwarf" does without a garter;
  • compact bush, determinate, little leafy. This has a number of advantages. You don't have to waste time removing stepchildren and forming a plant;
  • ordinary leaves, slightly corrugated, small, dark green;
  • high-yielding variety. With a compact size, plants are harvested from 1.5 - 3 kg of tomatoes;
  • fruits are cylindrical, ribbed at the base. When fully ripe, the top of the tomato is pointed, like peppers;
  • the skin of tomatoes is dense, shiny and smooth, bright red;
  • tomato length 10 - 12 cm, weight from 80 - 100 g. The largest specimens reach a weight of up to 135 - 140 g;
  • the fruit into two chambers, inside which the seeds are located, practically in the absence of juice. The pulp itself is juicy, dense, aromatic, sweet taste.

Important! Fruits that do not have time to ripen are often harvested in a state of milk ripeness. The tomato must be removed from the bush with the stalk; when it is torn off, bacteria can penetrate into the resulting wound.

Universal tomatoes. They behave perfectly in the canning process, and due to their unusual shape, they are ideally combined in whole-fruit pickles and marinades along with cucumbers and peppers. Pleasant sweet tomato flavor is suitable for fresh tomatoes for salads and for making mashed potatoes, soups, stuffing.

Due to their low moisture content, tomatoes can be dried or dried. The high quality of the seed should also be noted. The seeds germinate 99 - 100%.

Rules for the care of the "Merry Gnome"

Determinant tomatoes with a standard bush are quite easy to care for. When growing them, it is customary to follow standard rules. Given the characteristics of the variety, its resistance to low temperatures, diseases, short ripening times and a guaranteed yield of 1.5 kg, you can safely get down to business.

  1. It all starts with the fact that the seeds are disinfected in a weak solution of manganese, hardened in a refrigerator chamber, and saturated with microelements, placed in a "growth stimulator".
  2. To obtain high-quality seedlings, a balanced composition of the soil mixture is important. The substrate should be loose, breathable and moisture-absorbing. It should be free of pests and pathogens. For this, the earth is heated at 80-90 degrees.
  3. Seeds are planted 50 - 55 days before planting in the ground. This happens approximately in early April.
  4. Seedlings dive with the appearance of 1-2 true leaves in separate cups. The mode of lighting and temperature is selected individually, depending on the condition of the plants. Water the seedlings sparingly, trying to maintain soil moisture at 70 - 80%.
  5. Plants are planted in the ground after the termination of spring frosts in May. If the seeds and matured seedlings were hardened in a timely manner, then the plant can be planted in a permanent place 10 days earlier.
  6. Compact tomatoes grow well in thickened plantings, according to the 30 x 30 scheme. Care is reduced to top dressing, watering, timely weeding and loosening of the soil.

Zoned early ripening varieties usually bring little trouble. Caring for them is simple, but how much joy the "Merry Dwarf" delivers when it is on the dining table. It differs markedly from the traditional round tomatoes, consistently capturing everyone's attention.

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