Characteristics and description of the Babushkino tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Babushkino tomato variety, its yield

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Babushkino is a tomato variety that pleases with abundant fruiting and is not capricious in terms of care. It is not a hybrid, but it has its own distinctive characteristics and unique taste. This variety tolerates Russian cold and drought normally. It can be grown in an open bed under a film or in a greenhouse. It has strong immunity to diseases.

The harvest of the Babushkino tomato variety directly depends on regular high-quality care, the nuances of cultivation and the fertility of the land. All this is important to know. Those who planted these tomatoes never regretted it, as they always got a lot of delicious fruits as a result for fresh food or preservation.

Tomato characteristic

The characteristic and description of the Babushkino tomato variety is on the package with seeds. This variety is mid-ripening, the fruits ripen about three months after planting the seeds. The yield is very high. With proper care, there are a lot of fruits, they are eaten fresh, or preparations for the winter are made in the form of juices, paste, adjika.

Tomato can grow in open areas, in northern latitudes it is mainly planted in greenhouses.

It is resistant to many diseases of tomatoes, with proper care, the bushes are always healthy and strong, and the fruits are smooth, not deformed.

The bushes are distinguished by high branched stems. They can grow up to two meters. They must be tied tightly with ropes and cut. Leaves and flowers are simple, densely growing. It is best to pick them off for the early ripening of the fruit.

The fruits are rather large, red in color. The shape is rounded, slightly ribbed at the base. Their taste is classic sweet and sour, they have a delicate aroma. Fleshy, have seeds inside. The skin is firm. Usually a lot of fruits ripen on one branch, so this variety is grown for home harvesting or for sale.

The nuances of growing

The cultivation of this variety occurs by germinating seedlings from seeds. It is not recommended to plant directly with seeds in the northern regions. They are first sown in special containers and left in the room for pecking. This should be done in early spring. The soil is usually bought from the store, you can add a little fertilizer there to enhance growth. As soon as the seeds hatch, the sprouts are placed in a bright place and grown further at room temperature.

The abundance of light and high-quality watering will allow you to grow strong seedlings. It can be planted in the garden about two months after planting the seeds.

The land in the garden must first be properly dug up, fertilized, loosened and watered. Since the bushes are usually very long, they must be immediately tied up with ropes. Otherwise, branches and stems under the weight of vegetables may break.

It is always necessary to keep the distance between the bushes when planting, so that it is more convenient to approach, and always a sufficient amount of light and food gets to them. If the land is good, watering is of high quality, and care is gentle, then the variety will delight you with ripe tasty fruits in August.

Care features

Babushkino - tomatoes who love high-quality watering and good soil. If you provide them with this in full, then the result will be excellent yield and bright taste. The taste of vegetables is directly dependent on human concern.

Care requirements:

  • Tomatoes love high-quality and constant watering with non-ice water. Well, if this water has stood for a while, you should not fill the beds;
  • The earth needs to be constantly loosened so that more nutrition flows to the root system;
  • Top dressing is carried out before planting in the beds, during flowering and fruiting. The soil requires peat, manure, organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • To protect tomatoes from evil insects, it is necessary to spray the bushes with special agents for prevention;
  • It is often necessary to peyonkovat so that there is a bountiful harvest. It is also worth picking off excess foliage so that it does not interfere with fruiting, and does not block the light from vegetables;
  • Weeds must be weeded constantly, since their appearance has a detrimental effect on vegetable crops;
  • Airing greenhouses will help protect against moisture stagnation, and will also harden the bushes;
  • So that the bushes do not bend or break, it is worth tying them up while still young, as well as fixing the branches;

Tomatoes love fertilized soil. If they do not have enough potassium, phosphorus or magnesium, then they will begin to hurt, become stained, wither, rot.

To protect against dew, you can pick off any leaves that are close to the ground. Watering is sufficient once a week. The fruits are ripe and green.

Reviews of this variety

Description of the Babushkino tomato variety and reviews about it make it possible to evaluate this variety and its advantages. Mostly summer residents emphasize the positive aspects of tomatoes. Among the advantages, it can be noted that a rich harvest is obtained, they are resistant to diseases, and are well stored. A distinctive feature of these tomatoes is that they love very good soil, they need to be fed often. It is because of this that not everywhere Babushkino will bear the required amount of fruit.

This variety is susceptible to disease precisely due to lack of nutrition.... Poorly tolerates transportation, may crack on the skin. However, if someone once managed to harvest a bountiful harvest of fragrant fruits, they want to plant it again for the next years.

This variety can be grown by everyone in the garden, even a beginner. Care is not difficult for him, but if there is a desire to get more juicy sweet fruits, then you should pay attention to them daily.

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