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What a pest in the garden - a white moth

What a pest in the garden - a white moth

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Every spring in the spring on roses, grapes, flowers and even weeds, tiny 2-3 mm white moths appear, completely stuck around the stems. It is the moths. not aphids, they fly if shaken off. Grapes and roses do not seem to cause damage, but delicate flowers grow weak. I was constantly tortured to spray the entire yard with chemicals. I live in the Kuban, In this rainy season there are especially many of them. What is it, who knows? I can not find on the internet, the entire description of some large butterflies or aphids. Thanks for answers.


I suppose we are talking about pests - thrips (cystic). It is not easy to get rid of them, since thrips belong to the order of fringed-winged wings and easily fly from one plant to another. The fight must be waged from early spring, as the pest begins to breed already at +5 degrees Celsius. At an early stage of the invasion, you can get rid by spraying with drugs: Karbofos, Actellik, BI-58. With fast and strong reproduction, the Aktara drug is more suitable, but alternate it with Fitoferm, since thrips quickly adapt to any drug. However, it should be noted that if you missed the spring period, then you can not do without increasing the concentration of solutions and the frequency of their processing.