Description of the Classic tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Classic tomato variety and its characteristics

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Tomatoes have long taken their rightful place in the gardens of experienced and newly-baked summer residents. Tomato Classic f1 is one of the popular hybrid varieties. It was the fruit of the work of Dutch breeders, originated by Nunhems. Positive qualities prompted Russian and Chinese seed companies to buy up production secrets and open production in their homeland.

General information about the variety

The versatile variety bears fruit stably in greenhouse conditions and outdoors.

Characteristics and description of the variety:

  • early ripening, maximum ripening period of 96 days;
  • determinant;
  • standard;
  • undersized, in greenhouse conditions, the height of the bush reaches 100 cm;
  • average foliage of the bush;
  • resistant to most diseases of the nightshade family;
  • high yield, up to 4 kilograms of berries from a bush during the summer season;
  • ripening of fruits amicably;
  • good fruit set;
  • the first inflorescence is tied on a 7-8 leaf;
  • unpretentious;
  • heat-resistant, drought-tolerant;
  • has good transportability;
  • can be stored for a long time;
  • tends to crack the fruit.

The variety is successfully cultivated in different regions of Russia. Depending on the climatic conditions, it is necessary to choose the right landing site. In 2005, it was officially included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements. Description of fruits of tomato Classic f 1:

  • shape - oval, reminiscent of an elongated plum;
  • in a mature state, they become red;
  • maximum berry weight up to 110 grams;
  • the number of chambers is from 3 to 5;
  • dense;
  • fleshy;
  • sweet taste.

Tomatoes are among the universal ones. Perfect for canning, vegetable salads, mashed potatoes, juices and pasta.

Recommendations for growing varieties

The tomato prefers a seedling method of planting. For the best yield, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's directions:

  • if necessary, treat the seeds before sowing. The best way is to soak in aloe juice, it helps to disinfect and stimulate growth;
  • sowing to a depth of 1-2 cm, each seed in a separate container;
  • maintain a constant temperature in the room, not lower than 21 degrees;
  • provide the first shoots with a source of constant light;
  • water the seedlings regularly and feed them once every two weeks;
  • harden the plant before planting, at least 7-10 days;
  • before planting, feed the soil. The variety prefers clay soils, if necessary add a clay component;
  • tying bushes;
  • watering as needed;
  • regular loosening and feeding.

See also

IMPORTANT! The variety bears fruit better when forming a bush of 2-3 stems.

Gardeners consider the variety to be easy to grow. Due to its resistance to changes in weather conditions and resistance to most diseases of the Solanaceae family, the care process is not difficult. A distinctive feature of the tomato is its tendency to cracking. For preventive purposes, it is recommended:

  • carry out timely regular watering;
  • carry out regular feeding with complex fertilizers during the entire vegetative period.

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