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How to prune grapes

How to prune grapes

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Good day. Grapes "Pretty Woman". In the second year I grew 4 sleeves. On each left 10 kidneys. This spring, all the buds sprouted. On each sleeve, 10 vines develop. Sleeves are weak 4-5 mm. How many vines can be left on the 3rd year and how many brushes on the vine. Belgorod region


The development of your grapes is going well; in the fourth year, "Pretty Woman" usually has 4-5 vines. Now you should not do pruning, let the shoots gain strength over the summer season. In the autumn, cut off all the shoots except one powerful on each vine, while cut it to 4-5 buds.

Keep the plant immune, apply nitrogen fertilizers in the spring, preferably potassium and phosphorus in the summer, organic in the autumn. So the sleeves of grapes will gain strength for the growth of shoots and fruiting. In the fourth year, increase the strength of the bush, increase the number of shoots on one vine to 3 pieces. Increase the number of vines from those that extend from the roots.