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Seedling pests

Seedling pests

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Pale dots appeared on the eggplant seedlings; on the back of the leaves, I found small black dots. Under a magnifying glass I saw that the dots are moving, it looks like a spider mite ??? How to deal with it or is it easier to throw seedlings ??? Tell me please! Really looking forward to advice !!!


A spider mite loves dry air, to prevent its spread, use spraying. Effectively with Fitosparin, dilute according to instructions in warm water (room temperature) and spray bushes abundantly. But it helps with a small number of pests or in the form of prevention. If the tick has spread greatly, then use the drug Fitoverm - safe for humans.

Do not want to use drugs, try a folk remedy. Dissolve laundry soap in water, add a little garlic and ash. When spraying seedlings, pay more attention to the lower part of the leaves. The spider mite sucks the eggplant juices, moving from one leaf to another. The bush eventually dies. Therefore, spraying will have to be done several times, at intervals of 7-10 days.