How to properly dive tomatoes if the seedlings are elongated

How to properly dive tomatoes if the seedlings are elongated

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Growing tomatoes may seem like a simple process, but it isn't. A lot of effort and energy will have to be invested in this difficult business, in order to end up with huge bushes on which a lot of red fruits will be located. Today we will consider how the picking of tomatoes is performed, provided that the seedlings are stretched out.

Reasons for pulling seedlings

The main reasons for elongated seedlings are excessively high temperatures and low light. As soon as the tomato seeds are planted, the containers should be covered with glass or wrapped in polyethylene film, and then sent to a room where it is dark and warm. This continues until the first shoots appear. Then the boxes are sent to the light, and the temperature drops to 15-16 degrees for 4-5 days. Thereby:

  1. Tomatoes will have an excellent root system.
  2. The seedlings will not stretch.

We have described how to do it correctly. Now let's look at how it usually happens. Containers with seeds are sent to the windowsill immediately, while there is also a warm battery at the bottom. Please note that this can only be done if the windows face the south side, and the seeds were planted in the second half of March. Otherwise, the seedlings will not have enough light, and the tomatoes will become elongated.

What's wrong with pulling

Elongated shoots have very thin cell walls, and it is on them that the entire strength of the plant depends. It may be that the stems are too weak to support their own weight.

How to dive elongated tomato seedlings

In the event that the tomato seedlings are stretched out, experienced gardeners are advised to pick in the traditional way, provided that the seedlings are located in the same container. This operation is carried out after two weeks from the date of sowing tomato seeds.

It all starts with the preparation of the container. It is necessary to locate drainage so that there is no excess liquid when watering. Then you need to throw the soil, by the way, it will be good if it is already prepared, that is, it contains a sufficient amount of mineral and organic substances. After that, you can start picking.

During the dive, the roots may be damaged. To prevent this from happening, the soil must be watered the day before the procedure. This will allow the plants to be freely removed from the soil without any damage. In the soil, using a pencil, you need to make holes, the depth of which will be 5-6 centimeters. Then they are poured with water and before it dries, a sprout is placed in the hole.

Now it is important that the seedlings take root well, and for this each seedling is watered, which eliminates the formation of voids in the root system.

For the first time, the container with tomatoes is removed to some darkened place and watered only if really needed (about twice a week). Over time, the seedlings will get stronger, take root and it will be possible to rearrange it in a sunny place. By the way, it is important that the room is regularly ventilated, and the temperature is within 15-18 degrees.

What to do if the seedlings are elongated

Many experienced, or just amateur gardeners, are engaged in growing tomato seedlings at home. However, as practice shows, they often create the wrong conditions, which leads to a bad result, the sprouts are pulled out. To get a good harvest, you need to carefully prepare everything, and the result will justify all the effort spent. You can save seedlings in the event of their pulling in the following ways:

  • Transplant it into separate boxes. To do this, you need to make holes in the soil with a depth of 8 to 10 centimeters. Next, you need to separate the stronger shoots from the rest and transplant one by one into a new container. Before planting, the holes are watered, and bushes are placed inside. The approximate distance between the bushes of seedlings is 15-20 cm.
  • We take and pinch off the upper part and place it in the water. There should be about 5 or 6 leaves on the bush. After a week, roots will begin to appear on the separated part. You need to wait until they grow up to 2 centimeters and can be planted. So you will ensure that additional bushes are obtained, and new stepsons are formed in place of the cut ones.

  • It happens that the seedlings are pulled out even before the pick. Then there is only one way out - to fill up the earth in the container. This is not difficult. You just need to take a spoon, as well as good, fruitful soil and sprinkle it on the sprouts. It is done so that the cotyledon leaves are missing from 2 to 3 centimeters. Of course, it may be that there is not enough space in the container. In this case, there is only one way out - to use various improvised means: plastic bottles, glasses, sheet-type building materials (non-toxic). They can wrap containers and thereby add height.

That is, in principle, all the ways that will help you out in this situation. In general, you can try hard and this will not happen, you will get good, high-quality seedlings. However, not everyone succeeds in this, because they need a wealth of experience, a skill, without which it is quite difficult to plant tomato seedlings without errors.

Top dressing

Of course, diving will not be enough, it is recommended to do regular feeding.

  • As soon as the first full-fledged leaf is formed, the sprouts should be watered with Agricol fertilizer.
  • Ten days after the dive was made, it is recommended to feed the seedlings with a nitrophoska solution. The approximate dosage is a tablespoon for two liters of water.
  • As three weeks pass, you need to increase growth and use superphosphate for this. One tablespoon is diluted in 2 liters of water.
  • When there are only five days left before transferring the plants to the site, you need to spray the plants using the "Ovary" or "Bud" products. This will form the flower brushes much better.

How to avoid pulling seedlings

To do this, you should adhere to simple recommendations:

  • Plant the seeds at the optimum time.
  • As soon as the shoots appear, the boxes are immediately brought out into the light, and the temperature is reduced.
  • Lighting should be optimal. If necessary, lamps are used to form artificial lighting.
  • Watering and feeding should be in moderation.

If you follow all the tips, the seedlings will not stretch out and you will not have to use the above methods.


Now you know how tomatoes dive if the seedlings are elongated. In fact, there is nothing complicated about it. You can make it so that the sprouts will not stretch out and it will be even easier. The main thing is to try to use the recommendations given by us and, as a result, you will get tomato bushes that will bear a lot of tasty fruits.

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