Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Summer Garden

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Summer Garden

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Tomato is one of the most common vegetable crops in the nightshade family. There are many healthy and tasty crops discovered in this family. The tomato is no exception. Many people know about its beneficial properties: rich in vitamins and microelements, you can eat it raw. Currently, breeders are growing new types and varieties of tomatoes, adding some useful property to the new hybrid. This is the new variety - tomato Summer Garden f1. Let's talk about its properties and characteristics.

The tomato of this variety belongs to very early hybrids. Suitable for growing both outdoors and indoors.

Time frames:

  • Planting seedlings to a permanent place 50-55 days after germination;
  • The appearance of ovaries 30-35 days after disembarking to a permanent place;
  • Harvesting 14-21 days after the appearance of the ovaries;

A feature of this variety is the gradual ripening of the fruit over several months. A description of the main qualities and properties of this variety is presented below.

Summer garden tomato has the following qualities:

  • High yield - 17 kg / sq. m. or 3-4 kg from one bush;
  • Unlimited growth;
  • Low bush - up to 50 cm;
  • Carpal formation of ovaries;
  • Disease resistance;
  • Does not require pinning.

Fruit characteristics:

  • Rounded shape;
  • Color - red-orange when ripe;
  • They grow in brushes of 5-8 pieces each;
  • Weight - 100-140 grams;
  • Dense;
  • Fleshy;
  • Multi-chamber.


Sowing seeds should be done in April, preferably in the second half of the month. F1 seeds remain viable for 4-5 years. Before sowing, for disinfection and prevention of future diseases, it is necessary to hold the seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate. After that, the seeds are washed and soaked. There are 2 ways to do this: in wet gauze bags or in warm water. In the first case, it is important that the gauze is always moist, otherwise the seed will dry out and not germinate.

If you decide to germinate in water, then you can keep the seeds in water for no more than 18 hours, otherwise the seed will simply "suffocate" due to the lack of oxygen.

When the seeds are swollen, they need to be planted. It is better to do this with your hands, forceps can pierce the shell of the seed and harm the future embryo. You do not need to plant seeds deeply: a maximum of 1-1.5 cm. And put them in a sunny place.

After the first shoots appear, you need to monitor the soil moisture. When they get a little stronger, you can plant them in separate pots. Do not tighten with the seating: the roots grow quickly and can intertwine, and it is very difficult to untangle thin strings and you can kill future tomatoes.

Further care

Growing tomatoes A summer garden requires care and daily attention to seedlings: monitor growth, soil moisture. Tomato is a delicate plant, it does not like direct sunlight, but it grows poorly without the sun. To solve this problem, the windows, next to which there are tomatoes, must be closed with paper or newspaper. Enough light will flow through it, and direct burns on the leaves of seedlings will be excluded.

It is necessary to plant seedlings when the age of the plant has passed 50 days, while it is important to take into account the weather. If frosts are still predicted, albeit small ones, then it is better to postpone the landing. Even a small minus can kill your tomatoes. It is better to plant according to the following rules: the distance between the roots is at least 30 cm, between the rows - at least 50 cm. Tomatoes must be regularly watered, fertilized and loosened the soil.

Tips for growing this variety in temperate latitudes:

  • Plant seeds in late April - early May;
  • Plant in a permanent place after June 10;
  • During the flowering period, feed with sulfate fertilizers;
  • Repeat feeding at the first ripening of the tomato.

Customer opinions

Reviews of gardeners growing this variety:

  1. Natasha.

I love this variety very much, this is not the first time I have used soot. At the beginning of July we are already eating our tomatoes. Many ovaries. I recommend to beginners.

  1. Marina.

Planted on the advice of a friend in a greenhouse. The bush is small and not spreading. There are many fruits. I planted it late, so we tried our tomatoes only at the end of July. I am very happy with the variety.

  1. Vladimir.

I decided to plant this variety in a pot on the balcony. I liked it very much. A compact variety with many ovaries. There were practically no stepsons. Highly recommend.

The “Summer Garden” tomato hybrid is good for canning and pickling. Aromatic and delicious tomatoes will delight anyone. Its great value: it can lie for a long time and not deteriorate.

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