How to plant and grow rose bushes in the fall in the open field

How to plant and grow rose bushes in the fall in the open field

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Roses, due to their high decorative qualities, are quite in demand among plant growing lovers. They are especially appreciated for their bright and abundant flowering, pleasant fragrance. They are actively used in landscape design. But, given the capriciousness of a blooming culture, it is not so easy to grow them. To achieve the desired result, you need to know how to properly plant rose bushes in the fall.

Choosing the best landing site

For quick rooting and adaptation, it is recommended to plant a rose bush in sunny glades, protected from strong gusts of wind. You should not choose a site for planting a flowering crop in the shade of tall stands, since a lack of sunlight often leads to the development of various diseases that greatly weaken planting. In addition, due to the elongation of the shoots, which tend to light, the quantity and quality of buds is significantly reduced.

Lowlands are not acceptable for planting roses, they not only stagnate moisture, but also collect cold air. In conditions of excessive humidity, there is a high probability of the development of putrefactive processes on the root system of roses. Rot is capable of ruining flowering crops in a short time.

The best option is to plant rose bushes in areas where the sun shines in the first half of the day - until lunchtime, and then a light shade sets in. It is not recommended to allow roses to constantly stay in direct sunlight, the buds will fade, the moisture in the soil will quickly evaporate. It can also be one of the reasons for the dropping of flowers in roses. It is not advisable to plant a flower culture in a place where cherries, apricots, hawthorns and other representatives of Rosaceae grew before.

Planting work should be done in sunny and dry weather. So, seedlings of roses will be able to take root faster in the country.

When is the best time to plant?

Rose seedlings should be planted in an open area in September-October, the main thing is to have time before the onset of cold weather (25-30 days). Planting at such times allows the plants to form a full-fledged root system and prepare for winter. It is recommended to plant roses in the ground at a temperature of + 10-15 degrees, at night the indicators should not fall below + 5-10 degrees.

If the planting material was purchased, and the weather conditions are not entirely favorable for landing in an open area, then it can be buried in a greenhouse or placed in a cool room where the air temperature is close to zero.

Planting rose bushes in containers can be done at any time of the year, including summer. They are planted in July, if the root system is closed.

Preparation of planting material

If rose seedlings were purchased with an open root system, then before placing them in the ground, they must be kept in water for a day. The next step will be to remove the sheet plates using a disinfected and sharp instrument. You should also trim all damaged parts of the root system to a healthy area. The aerial part should be shortened to 30 centimeters, and the buds located below the grafting site should also be removed, as well as the leaves.

In order to avoid further problems with the culture, the seedlings must be treated with a working solution based on ferrous sulfate with a concentration of 3%. For the roots, you need to prepare a mixture of clay and mullein, mixed in a 2: 1 ratio.

When buying planting material, you should pay special attention to the condition of the underground part, it should not show signs of diseases, traces of rot, various kinds of damage. Healthy seedlings should have a branched root system.

When purchasing rose bushes in containers, you need to make sure that the ground around the planting material is sufficiently compacted. If there are voids, then the purchase should be abandoned. In addition, it is recommended to inspect the sheet plates, they should not be stained. The optimal number of lignified stems is two or more.

You can also grow a strong plant from a cuttings, which are first placed in potatoes, and then in a pot with fertile soil.

Preparing the soil for roses

For rose bushes, it is preferable to be in an area with sufficiently fertile soil with good moisture and air permeability. Preparatory measures are recommended not before planting, but at least 2-3 weeks before it.

Digging the soil should be done to a depth of 40 centimeters, if the acidity level is high, then lime or dolomite flour is used to normalize the environment. If the soil is heavy at the site of planting seedlings, then it is effective to add peat, compost and sand for digging.

Distance between roses

So that the rose bushes do not lack either lighting, nutrition or moisture, the interval between them should be maintained. For each variety, the distance is different:

  • 30-60 centimeters for planting polyanthus, hybrid tea and Floribunda roses;
  • 75-90 centimeters for park varieties;
  • up to 100 centimeters for growing climbing and standard types of roses.

Planting process

The technology of planting prepared seedlings in the ground provides for the following actions:

  • Digging a hole 50-70 centimeters deep and 40 centimeters in diameter.
  • Laying a drainage pad on the bottom (layer thickness 7-10 centimeters). For these purposes, a brick fight, expanded clay, pebbles are suitable.
  • A plant is placed in the center of the pit with a slope and the roots are spread on different sides.
  • Sprinkling the roots of the seedling with a nutritious soil mixture, adding wood ash to it (1-2 glasses).
  • To avoid voids, the soil is carefully compacted.
  • Watering the bush in several stages at the rate of 1-2 buckets of water per planting.

In order to prevent freezing of the underground part of the bush, it is necessary to lay mulch from dry peat, the layer thickness should be 15-20 centimeters. This simple agricultural practice still makes it possible to retain moisture in the soil and get rid of weeds. After 2 weeks, it is recommended to level the mulch.

Features of landing in different regions

The timing of planting rose bushes is directly influenced by climatic conditions in a particular region, as follows:

  • in the middle lane and the Moscow region - September;
  • in the Urals and Siberia - the last days of August-early September;
  • in the southern regions - October.

Planting rose bushes in the spring will be more acceptable in the Urals and Siberia; in the fall, it is possible only if the weather is warm. The inoculation site should be 7 centimeters deep.

Possible landing errors

Given the exactingness of roses to the place of planting, the composition of the soil and care, it is extremely problematic for novice flower growers to grow them in their garden. Due to the lack of experience when carrying out planting work, numerous mistakes are made that do not allow you to get flowering shrubs.

To do everything right, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Do not plant rose seedlings in peat. There is an opinion that such a planting allows plants to actively grow and develop, but, as practice shows, this is a delusion. In most cases, the bushes are subject to rot, begin to hurt and soon wither away. It is best to plant roses for effective rooting in loamy soil with sufficient mineral content.
  • For plants, bending the roots up is not a useful technique, but, on the contrary, is quite traumatic and painful. The roots in the hole should be straightened on different sides without fail, only in this way the seedling will be able to take root faster and adapt to the new environment.
  • Another misconception is that it is necessary to deeply deepen the vaccination site. The best option is a depth of 5 centimeters. When planted too deeply, garden plantings take on a painful appearance, begin to fade and lose their turgor.

Roses on a personal plot are a real decoration for any flower arrangement. Climbing varieties, which are used to decorate arched and other structures, look especially impressive.

Planting seedlings in the fall is an occupation that requires both certain knowledge and patience, but with the right approach, the result will exceed all expectations. The main thing is to purchase high-quality planting material and follow the recommendations of experienced gardeners.

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