Description of the apple variety Pobeda (Chernenko) and yield characteristics

Description of the apple variety Pobeda (Chernenko) and yield characteristics

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The majority of gardeners in central Russia and southern Russia want to see the Pobeda apple tree in their gardens. This variety is distinguished by abundant and annual fruiting, dessert fruit taste. They are removed in September and ripen by the end of October. Under the right conditions, the fruit can be stored until spring. Another name for the variety is Chernenko, after the name of the scientist who bred it.

Variety history

In the Michurin Central Genetic Laboratory, the Pobeda apple variety was created by a Soviet breeder by crossing such varieties as Pepin Londonsky and Antonovka. The result was a tree that began to bear fruit 10 years after planting. After improving the variety, the first harvest is already obtained in 6-8 years.

Description of features

Although you need to wait a long time for the first apples, the cultivation of this tree by gardeners is fully justified. The Chernenko apple tree, according to the description, has a number of significant advantages:

  • abundant yield of the variety;
  • average resistance to scab;
  • long shelf life of fruits.

The large size and beauty of this plant will enchant every gardener.

Growing regions

The Pobeda apple variety is recommended for cultivation in the Tula, Kursk, Voronezh and Oryol regions, as well as in the Moscow region and the Crimea. This fruit tree is not suitable for the northern regions, as it can be destroyed by frost.

Characteristics of the Pobeda apple tree

A young tree has a rounded crown, and after a few years it becomes hemispherical. The branches are thick and sparsely located, growing upward, many gaps are visible. The leaves of the plant are deep green in color and oval in shape, near the petioles they are rounded, the edges are serrated.

The pubescence of the back of the leaf is not expressed. The bark on the trunk is brown, and on the branches it is lighter and with a grayish tint.

The branching of the tree is weak: one branch grows, rarely two, and the rest of the buds remain dormant. Overgrowing shoots in the form of ringlets cover skeletal branches in the crown everywhere. Most of the crop is concentrated on ringlets, and a small amount on twigs.

Saplings are planted at the age of two, when they have a trunk at the base up to 2.2 cm, and under the first branches 1.7 cm. Shoot formation in the Pobeda apple tree is high, and the branches themselves have average values ​​in thickness and length, grow parallel to the ground.

The weight of the apple trees is above average (up to 260 g), which means that they are similar to Antonovka apples. These fruits also show a small amount of white dots under the skin. The color of the surface of apples after harvest is light green, and during storage it acquires a slightly creamy color.

The cut shows a fine-grained pulp with an abundant amount of juice. These fruits have a dessert flavor, they are sweet. The shape of the apples is slightly ribbed, flat-round. The skin is thin, smooth, with the presence of shine.

Gardeners rejoice at the opportunity to preserve their fruits until spring without losing quality - the apples inside become more sugary. Fruit tasting score - 4.2 points out of 5 possible.

Frost resistance

This variety has an average winter hardiness, this protection from the cold is enough for growing apple trees in central Russia. She also does not have the ability to quickly regenerate.

Diseases and pests

The apple tree has good resistance to fungal diseases such as scab.

Dimensions (edit)

The Pobeda (Chernenko) tree grows in 20 years up to 5 meters, and its branches grow up to 7 meters in diameter.


The productivity of the apple tree in the initial period is small, but every year it increases, and by the age of 10 it reaches 100 kg. At the age of 15 - 110 kg of apples, and at 20 - 200 kg. The highest recorded yield was 264 kg.

The frequency of fruiting

The harvest on the Pobeda (Chernenko) apple tree is harvested every year, without exception.

Collection and storage of fruits

Chernenko's apples are picked in September. The shelf life of fruits is different, it depends on the weather in which they grew: whether there was precipitation or not, as well as temperature changes. If it rains, then such apples are stored for a shorter time. Watering of trees with fertilizer solutions is also taken into account. 90 days before the planned harvesting of fruits, nitrogen fertilization is stopped. They have a negative effect on shelf life.

To plant a Pobeda (Chernenko) apple tree in your garden or not, every gardener decides on his own, but if you are ready to put up with its shortcomings, then the advantages of this plant are especially capable of delighting. The Chernenko variety is a very good choice in those regions where it can be planted.

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