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Heat-loving plants for landscaping

Heat-loving plants for landscaping

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What are thermophilic plants for landscaping?


The list of thermophilic plants for the landscape is very large, it's a pity you did not specify what interests you specifically: bushes, flowers, creepers, dwarf trees or maybe fruit plants. All annual plants are thermophilic since they do not tolerate winter, just as plants are by nature perennials, they are grown as annuals in regions with cold winters. These thermophilic perennials die from frost, failing to fully realize their growth and flowering potential in the conditions of a short summer. You can extend their life if you transplant them in time into pots in the fall and keep them at home until spring.

Here are some of them: Cosmea, Dimorphotheque, Viola, Petunia, Gatzania, Seaside Cineraria, Surfinia, Heart-shaped Suthera, Euryops, Felicia, Osteospermum, Pelargonium, Fuchsia, Hybrid Balsamines, Evergreen Begonia, Kataranthus Kanoletina, Keloletn, Keloantina, Gelotin, Gelotorin, Gelotorin, Keloanthus, Khelantin, Gelotin, Gelotroin, Gelotin, Gelotroin, Gelotroin, Gelotroin, Gelotrope , Cyperius, Utsonia, Argirantemum, Gabrantus, Pelargonium, Crocosmia vulgaris, Gladiolus, etc.


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