Characteristics and description of the Primadonna tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Primadonna tomato variety, its yield

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The prima donna tomato is one of the varieties that will allow you to harvest an early harvest. Grown both outdoors and indoors. The fruits are large and have good taste.

Variety information

Tomatoes Diva f1 are hybrids. Breeder hybrids are produced by crossing several varieties to obtain the desired characteristics. They are resistant to disease, rarely attacked by pests, tolerate adverse weather conditions and produce a rich, large harvest.

One of the best varieties that has all the best qualities is the Prima Donna. You can grow it in a greenhouse or outdoors.

The main characteristics and description of the variety:

  • the central stem is strong, strong, there is not a lot of foliage, it can reach 1.5 meters in height;
  • leaves are dark green, smooth;
  • the root system is not too long, but branched;
  • on each bush, 7 brushes can form, each of which places 8-10 tomatoes;
  • fruit formation and ripening begins approximately 93 days after planting.

Since tomatoes of the Prima Donna f1 variety ripen early, the plant does not have time to catch the massive spread of late blight (fungi are the causative agent). The variety is resistant to disease. Ogorodnikov will be pleased with the result of growing this type of tomato. Up to 8 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from one bush, even in bad weather conditions, which are stored for a long time.

The fruits will attract attention with their unusual appearance and pleasant taste. Description of tomato:

  • the shape is rounded or slightly oblong with an elongated spout at the end;
  • the weight of one tomato can reach 120 kg;
  • ripe fruits are painted in a bright red-scarlet color, the nose is painted in a darker shade;
  • the skin is thin, but able to protect against cracking;
  • the inside is densely fleshy, with a sufficient juice content.

The pulp tastes sweet and sour with a pleasant, fragrant aroma. The vegetable contains many useful components that do not disappear even during heat treatment.

Growing features

The description of the features of growing a tomato includes several stages. Diva tomatoes love warmth, but can grow in cold conditions. Preparation for planting begins with proper seed care.

Only large and dense grains are selected for planting. They must be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate so that no infection remains on the shell. Germination advocates leave the seeds in a wet towel for several days. Some impregnate the fabric with growth activators and fertilizers.

If seeds for seedlings are supposed to be grown at home, then capacity and soil are selected. It should be planted in early April. At a distance of 2 cm in the ground, pits are made 1.5 cm deep, where the seeds are placed. Then cover the container with glass or foil. As soon as the sprouts sprout, the film is removed.

A pick is done when the first pair of leaves appears. Pinch the longest root and transplant the matured seedlings into separate containers.

It is recommended to transplant into open ground when 6-7 leaves appear. Two weeks before the transplant, a hardening procedure is carried out.

Description of the variety for further care in open beds. On the beds, holes are made at intervals of 50 cm, you can add mineral or organic fertilizer. Mulching is recommended after planting. As mulch, hay, sawdust, chopped grass, peat are suitable.

To collect even more fruits, it is necessary to carry out the formation procedure. It is best to form one stem and leave 5-6 brushes. For this purpose, pinching is carried out every two weeks, when the side shoots are cut off.

Since the plant is tall, a vertical or horizontal support for tying is required. It is best to choose rope made of synthetic thread, as others can cause stem rot. A holding structure is also necessary for the case when the fruits begin to ripen, the stems begin to bend under their weight and can break.

For the entire growing season, it is useful to carry out at least three mineral or organic fertilizing. Popular are mullein, bird droppings, wood ash, herbal infusion. You can use ready-made complex fertilizers.

Benefits of choice

Choosing Prima Donna tomatoes, there will be no disappointments, since the variety has a lot of advantages and no disadvantages. Description of the tomato Diva will not do without touching on the positive qualities:

  • unpretentious, yields in the absence of nutrients in the soil, can be planted on any piece of land;
  • shows high resistance to fungal diseases;
  • does not rot;
  • early ripening;
  • high yield even if the weather did not please with favorable conditions;
  • does not require much time and effort to care, it is enough to water, weed and loosen the ground in time;
  • well transported, does not crack, can be stored for a long time.

Tomatoes can be used for any purpose. They are rich in vitamins. The fruit can be used for storage in winter or fresh.

The view of experienced vegetable growers

Everyone who planted tomatoes celebrates their merits, and only speaks positively about growing and storing them. Reviews of the tomato Diva.

Tamara, 52 years old

In my vegetable garden, hybrid species predominate, since they do not require chemical treatment. Hybrids are resistant to disease. A neighbor recommended planting prima donna tomatoes. I planted seeds directly in the greenhouse. Each bush was stretched up to 1.5 meters in height. There were no barren flowers among the inflorescences, many fruits were formed. The taste is very juicy, sweet, with a slight sourness.

Irina, 37 years old

The store was advised to opt for the seeds of the Prima Donna variety. I decided to plant tomatoes in my garden. At home, I prepared seedlings and planted them in open beds in early May, when the cold receded. The bushes grew quickly, reaching a height of 1.3 meters, sometimes they loosened the ground and applied fertilizers. By the end of June, I had already harvested the first crop, which was hanging on large bunches. I didn't have to spray with solutions from diseases and pests.

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