Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Explosion, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Explosion, its yield

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Tomato Explosion has a high yield. That is why it is popular with those summer residents who wish to preserve some of the collected wealth until winter. This variety is considered to be an improved version of White Bulk, from which it inherited the ability to withstand temperature extremes.... However, the tomato bush has a spreading structure, which requires special care and pinching.

Distinctive features and characteristics

Any housewife who has planted this tomato variety at least once on her site will appreciate its fruitful qualities and unpretentiousness. In addition to these characteristics, the description of the explosion tomatoes also speaks of other features of this plant.

  1. The variety is distinguished by its determinism, its height ranges from 40-50 centimeters.
  2. The fruits have a rounded, slightly flattened shape. The average weight of tomatoes is 100-120 grams. But if the variety is grown in enriched soils, mild climates, ripe tomatoes can weigh 200-240 grams.
  3. The variety is early maturing.
  4. Explosion tomatoes are resistant to diseases: late blight and various rot.
  5. The planted bushes and the harvest well tolerate a drop in temperature. It is this characteristic that justifies the flattering reviews of those who planted explosion tomatoes in the northern cold regions. However, the maximum yield can be obtained only under conditions of average optimal temperature indicators.
  6. The variety's description states that the planted tomatoes do well during dry periods. However, in order to obtain fleshy juicy fruits, it is necessary to carry out artificial watering of plants in a drought.
  7. The fruits can be eaten fresh, as part of salads, main courses, and also used for preservation, making juices. This use of the crop is due to its excellent taste and meatiness.
  8. Because tomatoes have a firm pulp, they can be transported over long distances. They keep well.
  9. Tomato variety Explosion can grow in conditions of different soil acidity. However, the best option is considered to be a soil with low acidity and high air permeability.
  10. On average, 3-5 kilograms of tomatoes are harvested from 1 planted bush.

These characteristics of the variety make it competitive with other resistant hybrid varieties.

Growing rules

To get a rich harvest, you must adhere to several rules for planting a plant.

  1. You need to sow seeds for seedlings in March-April. In this case, it is advisable to adhere to the recommendations of the lunar calendar.
  2. The planting material is immersed in a container filled with disinfected fertile soil to a depth of 1 centimeter.
  3. After the formation of several leaves, the seedlings dive into the peat cups.
  4. Then you need to fertilize the soil and harden the tomato. To do this, it can be placed near an open window or taken out into the street for a couple of hours.
  5. After the seedlings reach 2 months of age, they can be transplanted into open ground.

The explosion tomato variety was bred specifically for open ground, but this variety takes root well in greenhouse conditions.


In order for the bushes to not be damaged during the growth process and give the maximum yield, when planting seedlings, it is necessary to take into account their characteristics.

  1. Planting seedlings should be carried out at a distance of 40-50 centimeters from each other.
  2. Each cavity requires a small amount of fertilizer.
  3. Seedlings should be planted in the ground directly in peat cups.

The characteristic and description of the variety allows planting of seedlings in a greenhouse structure at the age of 1.5-2 months. The greenhouse must be disinfected and thoroughly ventilated before planting.


You can get a good harvest from each bush if you water them regularly, feed them with mineral fertilizers. After watering, you must carefully loosen the soil.

This must be done carefully so as not to damage the branched root system of plants. They also need to be protected from all kinds of pests. When they appear, it is required to carry out timely pest control.

The one who grew such tomatoes claims that the bushes grow sprawling, so they need to be tied to supporting structures. Especially such a garter must be carried out in the presence of a strong gusty wind. If the cultivation takes place in greenhouse structures, the construction of supports is not a prerequisite.

Characteristics of the tomato Explosion allows you to get delicious, fleshy fruits throughout the summer and the first autumn decade. Its special advantage is the ability to grow in almost any region of the country. It is for these characteristics that every season the Explosion tomatoes receive many positive reviews from summer residents who planted it on their site.

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