Description of the Matador tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Matador tomato variety and its characteristics

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The healthy and tasty fruits of tomatoes have made the plant popular among vegetable growers. Tomato Matador was bred thanks to the work of breeders of the large agricultural firm Semko Junior. The originator recommends the hybrid for commercial production.

General information about the variety

Russian breeders have bred the tomato for growing in open ground, film shelters and greenhouses. The place of cultivation depends on the climatic characteristics.

Characteristics of the plant and description of the appearance of the variety:

  • early ripe, up to 115 days pass before the fruit is harvested;
  • determinant;
  • bush height up to 75 centimeters;
  • simple inflorescence;
  • foliage of medium size, green;
  • simple inflorescence;
  • the peduncle has an articulation;
  • average fruit size;
  • average yield, up to 6 kilograms per square meter of planting;
  • resistance to many diseases of the nightshade - Alternaria and tobacco mosaic;
  • transportation of fruits over long distances is permissible;
  • there is a possibility of long-term storage.

When grown on an industrial scale, up to 45 tons of fruits are harvested from one hectare of planting. The berry is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • cylindrical round shape;
  • red color;
  • smooth;
  • dense;
  • has 3-4 nests;
  • fragrant;
  • thin skin;
  • no tendency to cracking;
  • weight does not exceed 100 grams;
  • sweet taste, with sourness.

Consumer reviews speak of the possibility of universal use of the fruit. The berry is added as an ingredient in vegetable salads, preparations, pickles and curls.

Growing tips

A heat-loving plant prefers a seedling planting method. It is advisable to start sowing seeds in mid-March. Healthy seedlings require adherence to a number of rules:

  • mandatory maintenance of a temperature regime of at least 22 degrees;
  • use for irrigation with warm water, before emergence, irrigation from a spray bottle;
  • the first shoots should receive a sufficient amount of ultraviolet radiation, the duration of daylight hours is at least 16 hours;
  • preliminary hardening before planting.

IMPORTANT! The best yield is achieved when a tomato is formed in 1–2 stems.

The originator recommends planting tomatoes in a greenhouse or open ground in mid-May. For planting, use the scheme 60 by 30-40 centimeters, on one square meter of land there should be no more than five tomatoes.

The small size of the bush allows a large number of bushes to be placed in a limited area.

To get a good harvest, it is enough to adhere to the standard rules for caring for tomatoes. The determinant bush does not require a tie or support. Suitable for sowing for beginner gardeners.

Gardeners' opinion

Good day! For tomato lovers, I recommend sowing the Matador tomato. The variety is very unpretentious, compact bush, decent yield. Fruits are small in size, individual weight does not exceed 100 grams. The berry is ideal for whole-fruit pickling and drying. Sweet in taste, it is great for fresh salads. The crop can be harvested in early August.

Alexander Polikarpov.

Good afternoon! Last summer I tried to plant Matador tomatoes. The plant withstood the cool summer and showed a good yield. Loves feeding and abundant watering. In greenhouse conditions, it is imperative to regularly ventilate the room. Resistant to nightshade diseases. I liked the variety. The ripe berry is small in size and tastes good. I advise!

Anastasia Myznikova, 55 years old.

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