Description of the tomato variety Matias, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Matias, features of cultivation and care

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Among the Dutch hybrids, there is one interesting and fruitful: tomato Matthias f1. It is grown in a greenhouse, has excellent taste and a high yield.

Characteristics of tomatoes and varieties

It is an indeterminate tall tomato bush intended for greenhouse cultivation. The bush is formed into one stem with the removal of all stepchildren. Average leafiness. Growth up to 2 meters indoors. In open areas below - up to 1.5 meters. From germination to the beginning of fruiting, it takes about 115 days - it belongs to medium early varieties. The variety is practically in first place in terms of yield: up to 15 kilograms of fruits are removed from one square meter.

Description of fruits - flat-rounded, slightly ribbed, red, ripe tomato weighs 180 grams, individual specimens up to 300 grams. The taste is excellent sweet, without sourness. When cut, the fruit has up to 5 cells with seeds. The pulp is juicy and dense; when ripe, there is no green spot near the stalk. The variety is used universally - tomatoes are processed into juice and pasta, summer salads are prepared from them, and they are pickled as a whole.

The hybrid is resistant to fusarium, cladosporium, verticillium, root rot, TMV and apical rot. Breeder: Monsanto (Holland).

Hybrid qualities

A hybrid from crossing two varieties of tomatoes has the following characteristics:

  1. Excellent taste.
  2. Disease resistance.
  3. Excellent commercial qualities.
  4. Keeping quality.
  5. Transportability.
  6. Great appearance.
  7. Easy to care for.

Due to its high commercial qualities, the hybrid is often used for growing on farms and in vegetable factories. It is also in demand among gardeners.

Agricultural technology for growing a hybrid

Like other tomato varieties and hybrids, Matthias is grown in seedlings. To get an early harvest, seeds are planted for seedlings in mid or early March (depending on the weather conditions in the region). After planting in fertile loose soil, containers with seedlings are covered with a film until the seeds germinate. As soon as the seeds hatch, the film is removed, and the plants continue to grow in an open, warm and sunny place, maintaining the indoor temperature at 24-26 degrees.

Until two permanent leaves appear on the shoots, the soil is watered by spraying.

After the appearance of the leaves, the seedlings are dived into separate containers and grown before the onset of warm weather conditions outside. Plants are transplanted into the greenhouse in May-June, it also depends on the temperature in the room. The optimal indicators are 22-25 degrees during the day and 16-20 at night.

Seedlings are planted in a checkerboard pattern with a distance between plants of 50 to 40 centimeters. One square meter produces 3-4 plants.

Plant care

After planting, the seedlings are constantly looked after to obtain a high-quality and early harvest.

  1. Garter plant. Produced immediately after disembarkation and as it grows.
  2. Stealing. The cultivar is usually grown in one stem, so all stepchildren are removed. If you decide to grow 2-3 stems, then leave a few stepsons.
  3. Loosening and watering. Immediately after watering, the soil under the bushes must be loosened so that the clod of earth above the roots does not retain moisture and air access.
  4. Fertilizer. When growing tomatoes, the soil and greens of plants are fed at least three times a season.
  5. Harvesting. To obtain a large number of ripe fruits, the crop is harvested immediately after ripening. Ripe fruits retard the growth of young tomatoes. Characteristics of dressings: mineral and organic.

Review overview

Among gardeners and professionals, there were many Matias tomato lovers who left positive feedback on the cultivation and taste of tomato.

Nikolay: “Last year I decided to grow Matthias in two trunks, and I got a harvest of 5 kilograms more, the fruits are beautiful, the pulp is juicy, there are no green blotches. The seeds are excellent for industrial cultivation, as they ripen together and give an excellent yield of fruits that are practically the same in size and quality. "

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