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How and what to feed strawberries, shrubs and trees for a good harvest and pest control

How and what to feed strawberries, shrubs and trees for a good harvest and pest control

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Hello, tell me, please, the feeding system for a good harvest and pest control (when, what and how to fertilize / water) during the season:

1) strawberries

2) fruit and berry shrubs and trees


In the most ideal case, this is so: mulch all the plantings with a thick layer of grass and periodically plant it. Watered about once a week with this infusion: a few flat cakes of horse manure in a barrel, nettles, sugar or something sweet, a little 3 days, it is imperative to aerate the compressor. As a result, the grass will decompose above the roots, the plants will eat intensely, the more actively organic matter will decompose, the more nutrition the plants will receive and the faster the fertility of the earth will increase. And in order for the organic matter to decompose quickly, it is necessary to plant useful bacteria there that will digest it and thereby supply nutrition to the plants; here in this three-day infusion there will be many of these bacteria. If you keep mulch all the time, then you will need to water it with infusion only a few times, populate the bacteria, they will multiply there themselves, the main thing is that the food is grass. And then it will be possible to mulch with sawdust, and straw, and anything else.

And sugar in the infusion for the speedy propagation of these bacteria, they love sweets. It is necessary to aerate because these bacteria can multiply only when oxygen is available, if you just leave the infusion, putrefactive bacteria will be diluted there, it will stink strongly, and this has nothing to do with increasing fertility.

Thanks for the detailed answer

Can I find out how to aerate correctly?

turn on the aquarium compressor, the tube to the bottom and the infusion is bubbling, my dad brought me two old compressors from work, they take meager electricity.

without turning off all 3 days?

Yes, you need to aerate all the time so that bacteria do not choke, many infusions are used in a day or two and this is also correct, the main thing is that there is no point in holding it for a long time, three days is the maximum, but somehow I can’t do it right away use, poured into the beds of the day for three, left 20 liters at the bottom for the fermentation of a new batch.

thank you very much for the advice, I just did it

Did you do that?

so but without a compressor :(