Topiary from coins: how to make a money tree with your own hands

Topiary from coins: how to make a money tree with your own hands

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Money tree made of coins looks more attractive than money. Make it simple enough if you follow the instructions. Coins can be used in various ways: old and new, large and small, silver, gold and painted with paint.

What materials will be required to work

For the manufacture of the mentioned product will require the following materials:

  • foam ball for the base;
  • coins of any denomination and type;
  • thick aluminum wire, branches, sticks for sushi - for the trunk;
  • ribbon for decorating the trunk;
  • stand;
  • gypsum;
  • paints;
  • glue;
  • thermal gun;
  • decorative elements;
  • varnish.

DIY topiary from coins

Topiary options

Topiary made of coins will be an excellent decoration on your desktop. The souvenir not only looks attractive, but also, according to Feng Shui, attracts wealth.

Simple topiary

  1. First you need to find the foundation. As it is usually taken a ball of foam or foam, with a diameter of about 8 cm.
  2. Coins are attached to the ball with glue. First, one coin is glued, and then four on the sides (at the same time they should go slightly on the first coin). The base is not completely pasted over: you need to leave a place for mounting it on the trunk. To make the coins shine and not lose their attractiveness, they are varnished.
  3. The barrel is inserted into the ball, and the place of their connection for reliable fixation is treated with glue. Then this area can be decorated with tape or corrugated paper.
  4. The trunk is decorated with a beautiful ribbon.
  5. Additional decorative elements, such as bows, are glued to the ball.
  6. The tree is set in a pot, partially filled with gypsum. The pot can be made independently from a plastic glass, or can be purchased at the store.
  7. The inside of the pot is decorated, for example, with coins or artificial grass.

Topiary made of coins and coffee

Money tree can be made of coffee and coins. At the same time, the product will not only look pretty, but also smell delicious. The best option is a coffee wallet. It is prepared simply: the base ball is pasted over with coffee grains, and in one part of it a triangle is left to fix the coins.

You can also make a "soaring cup". Coins in this case are fixed on a strong wire, depicting a stream pouring from a cup in a saucer. Coffee grains are glued onto the saucer (if you color them with the color of the coins, the topiary will look as elegant and rich as possible). And you can make only a slight hint of a monetary theme by adding only a couple of coins to the coffee topiary.

A tree made of small coins

If you want to make a topiary that will look like a real tree, You will need the following materials:

  • coins;
  • gypsum;
  • drill;
  • a rock;
  • paints;
  • sea ​​salt;
  • newspaper;
  • varnish;
  • glue;
  • pot;
  • wire;
  • Feng Shui money figurine.

Make a tree as follows:

  1. Using a drill, drill holes in coins.
  2. Coins are laid out on a newspaper and painted in gold color on both sides.
  3. Form small branches, fastening a wire of three coins, and then combine them into large branches.
  4. A trunk is made of wire and branches are attached to it.
  5. Prepare the stand: pour gypsum into a plastic plate and place a stone in the middle.
  6. The barrel and stand are painted with brown paint.
  7. The entire structure is varnished.
  8. The crown of the tree and the stand are decorated with sea salt of any color, planted on glue.
  9. A Feng Shui figure, such as a money toad, is glued onto a stand.

Other cash topiary options

The topiary trunk is excellently obtained from the corius branch, which is sold in any flower shop. You can decorate the leg of the money tree with bent coins: the work is painstaking, but such a trunk looks very impressive. For one topiary in this case, about 200 coins are required. Fasten them to hot glue. Also, to create the trunk using foil and wire, plastic sticks from a flower shop, wooden foundations for brushes.

Banknotes, sometimes rolled up and put on toothpicks, are sometimes attached to the crown together with coins, folding them with pounds, tubes, an accordion and a fan.

For the topiary, you can take a finished artificial tree, the green foliage of which will perfectly combine with paper banknotes and silver coins.

The crown is sometimes decorated with beads or a pistachio shell: they give the craft ease and grace.

A variety of containers are used as stands for money trees: beautiful boxes, flower pots, nice cups or mugs, and even small shells for small topiary. Stands are decorated with burlap and twine, decorated with beads, fabric, rhinestones, lace. Sometimes inscriptions or ornaments are applied.

How to make coffee and coin topiary

Creating a topiary from coins is a creative and fascinating process. A self-made art object can become an adornment of any room, whether it be an apartment or an office.


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