Blackcurrant of a variety "Slastena"

Blackcurrant of a variety "Slastena"

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The variety of currants Slastena has amazing taste. This is perhaps one of the sweetest blackcurrant varieties. Variety Sweeteners for real connoisseurs of currant taste.

Grade description

Blackcurrant Slastena is a mid-early variety. Productivity from 1 bush can be about 3-5 kg ​​of berries. Fruits are round and black with a glossy tint. The peel is thin, but despite this, the berries do not crumple. The pulp is juicy, with a greenish-brown color.

Blackcurrant bush. Sweetened semi-spreading. The average height of the bush is 1-1.5 m. The shoots are strong and even. Blackcurrant Slastena has high frost resistance, is resistant to bacterial and fungal diseases.

The berries are universal, so they are used not only in fresh form, but also for making jam or jelly.

Currant: variety selection

Secrets of a good harvest

Black currant in the suburban areas is more common than white or red. It is easier to reproduce and brings a good harvest. Blackcurrant Slastena in this regard pleases many summer residents. So that she shows herself in all its glory, there are several secrets that will help to achieve this:

  • strategy;
  • plot;
  • food;
  • prophylaxis;
  • watering;
  • secateurs.

If you only plan to plant currants on your site, it is best to plant several bushes at once, since not all plants will be able to transfer the first frosts. During planting, each bush should provide a spacious living space. It is not recommended to plant bushes at a distance closer than 1 m from each other. In this case, the yield of currants decreases sharply. A dense landing negatively affects the life of the plant. The ideal distance between plants is 2 m. If you plant currants near the fence, then the distance should be at least 1-2 m.

Few people know that blackcurrant loves starch. To make the bush happy with the harvest, you can prepare a special top dressing from potato peel. Dried potato trim should be poured with boiling water and let it brew. Such dressing is best done during the flowering period. Under 1 bush, pour 3 liters of infusion.

In addition, fertilize currants with mineral fertilizers. Dry fertilizers can be scattered under each bush and water. Or pre-dissolve them in water.

Diseases and pests adversely affect the quality and quantity of the crop. Most often on the currant there are ticks, aphids, scale insects or powdery mildew. To protect blackcurrant from the enemy, regular inspections of the bush should be carried out regularly, and if there is a pest, immediately tear off the affected leaves, buds or shoots.

Experienced summer residents recommend a hot dousing in early spring. This will not only awaken the plant from winter, but also protect it from various pests and diseases. This procedure can be carried out immediately after the snow has melted. Water the currants with hot water through a watering can or spray. If the leaves of the leaves or buds are eggs of a scabbard or a tick, then a hot shower will simply destroy them.

During the budding period, the currant should be sprayed with Bordeaux fluid.

To avoid the reproduction of aphids, the bush can be sprayed with infusion of herbs from tobacco, chamomile and dandelion.

Currant Slastena loves moisture very much, therefore it needs to be regularly watered. With a lack of moisture, the shoots lag behind significantly in growth, and the berries stop growing and remain small. Proper autumn watering helps the bush move the winter easier.

Watering the plant is a must during the growing season, the formation of ovaries and flowering, ripening berries, as well as after harvest.

In order for the bush to remain strong, healthy and bear fruit well, it is necessary to prune it in time. Lbest to form bushes in the fall. Trim weak and old shoots, which practically do not bear fruit. The lower branches and crooked shoots that thicken the bush should be removed.

Gardener Tips

Blackcurrant Slastena, like other varieties of currant, is a self-pollinating plant, so cross-pollination with other varieties will increase the size of the berries. High acidity in the soil will negatively affect the yield and life span of the bush. Therefore, acidic soil should be liming.

Despite the fact that currants are very fond of moisture, excessive humidity is still dangerous for the bush.

When landing, select a horizontally flat area. In lowlands with high humidity, currants will not yield a good crop.

The taste characteristics of the berry are affected by the presence of sunlight. Currant Slastena, grown in the shade, will have sour berries, despite the fact that it is not typical for it.

The soil under the bush needs to be loosened from time to time. As a rule, the currant root system is not deep, so you need to loosen the soil from above, not deeper than 5-8 cm. In no case should you dig the ground under the bush.

How to plant currants

So that the roots do not freeze in winter, the soil should be covered in the fall. And with the advent of spring, the mulch should be removed and the soil around the trunk covered with fresh compost or humus. Such a procedure not only protects the earth from overheating, but also serves as top dressing for the soil. You can protect the earth from overheating with mowed grass. In order that the grass does not pick up useful substances from the soil, it must be poured with a solution of water and urea. For 10 liters of water should take 1 tbsp. l urea. You can cover the ground in this way until the beginning of October.

To improve the fruiting of the bush, you can spray currants with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The potassium permanganate solution should be a slightly pink color, otherwise you can burn the leaves.

Do not delay the harvest until later, as branches under the weight of ripe berries can fall to the ground or even break.


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