Apricot "Monastery": variety description and planting technology

Apricot "Monastery": variety description and planting technology

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Apricot seedling "Monastic" of the third or fourth own generation was obtained as a result of free pollination. This variety was isolated by breeder L.A. Kramarenko. The originator, which gave the description of the variety and its full description, was the Main Botanical Garden of Russia.

Characterization and description of the variety

Apricot of the domestic variety "Monastyrsky" forms strongly-grown, with a spreading crown trees. Mild branching of annual shoots and white staining of medium-sized flowers are characteristic.

The fruits are very attractive, oval in shape, with some unevenness and lateral compression. Orange in color, very juicy and relatively dense flesh covered with pubescent and a little rough, lemon yellow with a bright tan skin. The average weight of commodity apricot is 35-45 g or more. A feature of the variety is the slight powderiness of the completely ripe pulp, as well as the presence of a sufficiently large bone, which is separated with some difficulty.

The average ripening period of apricots in this late-ripening variety is in the middle or end of August. Fully ripened fruits are perfect for fresh consumption, and are also suitable for making high-quality jam and compote. The keeping quality of the harvested crop is quite good.

The period of full fruiting of the apricot tree begins in the third or fourth year after vaccination. The yield of the variety is very decent. Winter hardiness and frost resistance are good. Indicators of resistance to damage by claustosporiasis are average.

How to prune apricot

Choice and independent receipt of seedlings

Apricot variety called "Monastic" is in demand by gardeners in our country, so it is quite easy to purchase high-quality planting material. The cold climate involves the acquisition of a variety adapted to adverse conditions and grown by domestic breeders. "Monastic" meets these requirements. It is very important to purchase the highest quality planting material:

  • it is recommended to purchase apricot seedlings in specialized gardening centers or plant growing nurseries;
  • apricot seedlings at the age of two years have the best survival rate;
  • grafted apricot seedlings are more developed and have a thick stem and long growth;
  • the root system of a high-quality young plant is well developed and has no dried or frost-bitten areas;
  • shoots should be even, covered with bark without damage.

For small household plots, it is recommended to purchase apricot trees on stunted rootstocks, which can be used as a turn. It is also allowed to independently grow apricot seedlings by planting a fruit seed. Thus obtained trees have good indicators of resistance, but do not always get the characteristics of the parent plant.

Rules and terms of landing

Apricot seedlings of the Monastyrsky cultivar in central Russia are recommended to be planted both in spring and in autumn. In the northern regions, it is preferable to plant in the spring, and in the southern regions it is advisable to plant fruit plants in the fall. The selection of a plot for growing and planting technology for apricots is as follows:

  • spring planting is recommended in April, before sap flow and budding;
  • terms of autumn planting suggest the rooting of a fruit plant before severe frosts occur;
  • the landing pit should be prepared in advance, it should be 70-80 cm deep and 90-100 cm wide;
  • optimal is the placement of fruit stands in areas with loamy and loamy soils;
  • immediately before planting, it is necessary to remove all damaged branches from the apricot seedling, as well as carefully prune the roots and dip them in a clay mash.

After planting, plants need abundant watering and tying to a special support peg.

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Gardeners reviews and tips

Apricot cultivation under the name "Monastic" in the conditions of amateur gardening in our country began relatively recently. Judging by the reviews, some domestic gardeners are not impressed with the appearance and size of the fruits. However, a rather late harvest ripening period, as well as versatility of use and a very decent taste, make this variety one of the leaders among the many apricot varieties.

How to plant an apricot