Regal tubular lily: cultivation, the best varieties and original garden compositions with it

Regal tubular lily: cultivation, the best varieties and original garden compositions with it

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Lily is a beautiful bulbous plant, which, thanks to the variety of varieties, can decorate the garden almost all year round. More than a hundred species of lilies with tubular flowers, starting from the royal lily discovered more than 100 years ago in China, are combined into a group of tubular lilies.

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Tubular lilies are late-flowering plants with large flowers of various colors and shades: from white to purple. The bud in their shape is similar to a gramophone, the petals are dense, with a wax coating, the aroma is attractive and strong. The bulbs of these lilies in the world quickly change color from light to red-burgundy. They are large (sometimes up to 18 cm in size), fleshy, scaly. The stems are usually thin, but very strong with narrow, oblong leaves.

Particularly attractive for breeders, the qualities of these lilies are their excellent winter hardiness and resistance to various diseases.

Hybridization of lilies began with the royal lily, then the Chinese yellow lily was used, with which the Orleans hybrid was obtained. All bred hybrids are divided in the direction of the flowers in relation to the stems into 3 groups: the flowers look up, to the sides and down. The flowers of lilies have different shapes - turban, cup-shaped, tubular and star-shaped.

Landing Features

For the effective cultivation of tubular lilies, the choice of planting location, soil structure and composition are important. They love slightly acidic, well-fertilized, loose soils in advance. For plants, it is best to choose an elevated area where water does not stagnate, with good drainage. This place should be lit, slight shading is allowed.

Tubular lilies can be grown on one site for no more than 5 years. In the sixth year, the bulb is depleted, which negatively affects the height of the plants and the number of flowers.

Lilies are planted in early autumn or mid-spring. Prior to this, their bulbs should be stored in a cool place in large sand or peat.

Landing is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Dig the site to a depth of 35 cm.
  • A layer of sand and top dressing are poured into the hole: leaf humus, mature manure, complex flower fertilizers at the rate of 50-80 g per square meter.
  • Bulbs are pre-treated with fungicides or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Planting material is buried by about 25 cm, leaving a distance between plants of at least 15 cm.
  • After that, the earth is watered, mulched with leaves, peat crumbs, and before wintering they still cover with branches and spruce branches with a layer of 10 cm.

Lilies: variety selection

Lily Care

In spring, the protective shelter is removed, the surface is loosened and the plants are fed. During the season, lilies must be fed three times:

  • nitrogen fertilizers first;
  • before flowering - phosphates, which affect the quality of flowers;
  • after flowering (no later than mid-August) - potash fertilizers that contribute to the formation of bulbs.

You can use ready-made Kemira formulations for top dressing for different seasons or liquid humate.

In the first season after planting or transplanting to another place, the flowering of lilies is undesirable, as it is weak and distracts the plant from the formation of a full bulb. Therefore, all tying buds should be cut off.

Mandatory conditions for the care of lilies are also weeding and regular watering during flowering. After flowering, plants do not need watering. Before wintering, lilies are pruned, leaving only up to 15 cm of the ground part.

The best pest protection for lilies is wormwood infusion. It is done like this:

  • a third of a bucket of chopped wormwood tops is poured with boiling water, a piece of laundry soap, a glass of wood ash and 100 g of sulfur are added there;
  • the mixture is infused for 8 hours, then filtered;
  • half a glass of infusion is bred in a bucket of water.

With this preparation, plants and the earth around them are sprayed in the evening.

Varieties of tubular lilies

Tubular lilies are known for a variety of varieties. Their catalogs include dozens of names of well-known and new varieties, for example, “African Quinn”, “Pink perfection”, various subspecies of the “Regale” type (with the beautiful white lily “Regale Album”).

The table shows only some varieties of this variety of lilies.

TitleDescriptionFlowering time
"Pink Perfection"Flowers up to 15 cm in size, dark purple, pink-lilac inside, directed upwards. Height is up to 140 cm, pyramidal inflorescences with 5-7 flowersLate June-early July
"African Queen"The flowers are orange, directed upwards, their size is up to 15 cm. Height is up to 90 cm, inflorescences consist of 3-5 flowersJuly August
"Lilium Regale"Funnel-shaped flowers, 10-15 cm in size, white with a yellow center, pink-violet outside. Total height up to 2 m, in an inflorescence a maximum of 15 flowersSecond half of july
Olympic HibridsThe flowers are white with an orange middle, directed upwards, 14 cm in size. Height up to 140 cm, in inflorescence 2-6 flowersMid summer
ThunderboltThe flowers are orange, star-shaped, directed to the side, measuring 18 cm. Height up to 150 cm, in the inflorescence of 5-9 flowersAugust
Brait StarStar-shaped flowers, white with an orange middle, directed downward, size - 11 cm. Bush height - 130 cm, in inflorescence 5-10 flowersAugust
"Estonia"The flowers are white with a pink-yellow middle, green-brown on the outside, directed to the side, size - 13-14 cm. Height up to 120 cm, in a racemose inflorescence 3-8 flowersMid summer
"Moon Beam"Flowers are honey-yellow, funnel-shaped, size - 11-13 cm. The maximum height of the bush is 120 cm, up to 15 flowers in inflorescenceMid summer
Zieldona SayleThe flowers are yellow, directed to the sides, size - 14 cm, bush height 150 cm, 10 flowers in inflorescenceAugust
Severnaya PalmiraThe flowers are pink-white, golden in the center, directed to the sides, size - 20 cm. Maximum height 150 cm, in the inflorescence 3-15 flowersMid summer

You may also be interested in an article in which we talk about the features of planting lilies in the fall.

Combination with other plants

According to the experience of flower growers, the following can be considered the best compositions involving tubular lilies:

  • flower beds, where other flowering bulbous plants are located along the border, and in the center between the lilies there are asters, daisies, gladioli;
  • joint planting of lilies and plants such as alissum, Iberis, marigolds, cloves, which well set off the splendor of lilies;
  • the neighborhood of lilies with junipers, cypresses, thuja, ferns.

In landscape design, compositional combinations of these flowers with other plants are also used:

  • with astilbe of one shade with lilies;
  • with small-colored phlox, yarrow, tradescantia, hemophilus;
  • with hosts, phlox, mock and thuja.

When planting several varieties of flowering plants nearby, you should remember about color combinations:

  • the yellow lilies next to the blue monard look very elegant;
  • orange flowers go well with white hydrangea and blue delphinium;
  • yellow-orange specimens - with low varieties of gelenium;
  • light flowers look colorful next to maroon barberry.

How to plant lilies

Tubular lilies - beautiful and majestic, elegant and graceful - look surprisingly harmonious in any garden composition. If you successfully pick blooming varieties at different times (from June to August) varieties, then they themselves can decorate any site. And in combination with other flowers and shrubs that emphasize their beauty, lilies always delight with an abundance of forms, colors and bright aroma.


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