Strawberries "Darenka": description of the variety and recommendations for cultivation

Strawberries "Darenka": description of the variety and recommendations for cultivation

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Garden strawberry is one of the most popular and sought after berry crops in our country. Strawberries, or garden strawberries, varieties "Darenka" very early ripening, obtained by domestic breeders and perfectly adapted to the soil and climatic conditions of Russia. The originator of the variety was the Sverdlovsk selection gardening station VSTISP.

Characteristic and botanical description

Variety of garden strawberries "Darenka" has non-repairing, upright medium-sized bushes. The mustache is medium in thickness, pale red. The leaves are large, light green in color, with weak wrinkles, slightly concave, pubescent and rather dull. Petiole of the leaves is medium in size, with average pubescence.

Flowering bisexual, with white flowers located above the leaves. Inflorescences are compact and low-flowered. Berries are quite large. They are characterized by a regular obtuse form with the presence of a neck. The surface and flesh of a fully ripe berry is dark red, with a sweet and sour taste and a distinct aroma. In compliance with agricultural technology and in favorable soil and climatic conditions in the cultivation region the average weight of marketable berries is 8.4-6.5 g.

According to the tasting results, the variety was rated 4.4 points. Indicators of average productivity reach 107-109 kg / ha. Description of the variety, given by the originator, suggests winter hardiness quite acceptable for cultivation in most regions of our country.

Folk dressing recipes

Strawberry is not only a delicious and fragrant berry, but also a very popular country culture, which is grown in the home gardening of our country almost everywhere.

Variety "Darenka" is characterized as quite unpretentious. However, high productivity implies not only the presence of highly fertile soil, but also the systematic top dressing of berry stands. In recent years, organic farming, widely popular in order to obtain the most environmentally friendly crop, is based on the minimum use of chemical fertilizers.

Strawberries: variety selection

Experienced gardeners have long learned how to get high yields of large and tasty berries when the use of top dressings based on folk, time-tested recipes:

  • one of the most popular folk methods of feeding strawberries is the use of dairy products, which contain about twenty of the most important amino acids, as well as minerals, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur;
  • milk or whey for top dressing is supplemented with wood ash, as well as humus and manure;
  • such a common garden weed as nettle contains potassium and nitrogen. It is not difficult to prepare nettle nutritious infusion for strawberries: nettle bushes should be poured with water, put a load on top, infuse fertilizer should be within a week, periodically stirring the infusion. Immediately before application it should be diluted with water in a proportion of 1:20.

It is recommended to use organic matter for feeding berry plantations, in the form of humus, manure, compost, bird droppings or peat crumbs.

Care Tips

The most time-consuming is the care of wild strawberries under the name "Darenka" in the spring and the preparation of berry plantations for winter. With dry spring, you can start strawberry irrigation from the end of April. In the spring and autumn, strawberry bushes should be watered once a week. On summer days, the amount of watering required to be increased to once every three days.

After weeding and shallow loosening, before the phase of active flowering of strawberries and immediately after harvesting, it is recommended to treat the berry culture with preparations Caesar and Taurus. To combat the main pests and the most common diseases, strawberries are treated with Fitosporin and colloidal sulfur. In regions with unstable weather, it is advisable to use shelter for berry planting.

Grade Reviews

Strawberry varieties "Darenka" refers to unrepaired strawberry varieties, ripens very early. The appearance of the berry is very attractive. The variety is universal, forms plants of medium size, straight-growing type. According to the originator, the berries are large, have a perfect strawberry shape, have a dark red bulk. The taste is sweet, with not too pronounced berry acidity. The pulp has a strawberry flavor, has a cottony-elastic consistency, juicy and fleshy.

Strawberry pruning rules

However, according to most gardeners, the variety is quite unremarkable and practically does not differ from most other varieties of the popular berry culture. Therefore, the feedback of gardeners and summer residents from different regions of Russia about strawberries "Darenka" is very contradictory.