Egg-free cottage cheese casserole recipes for the oven and slow cooker

Egg-free cottage cheese casserole recipes for the oven and slow cooker

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Sweet casserole from cottage cheese is popular with everyone, without exception, and is cooked not only in the oven, but also in the slow cooker. Almost always eggs are used in baking. However, there are cases when you can’t eat them for any reason (religious, medical or other), but you really want to. What to do in this case? The answer to this question is simple: prepare a casserole according to one of the recipes below.

Slow Cooker Recipes

Cottage cheese casserole on kefir


  • cottage cheese - 500 g;
  • kefir - 300 ml;
  • sour cream - 150 ml;
  • semolina - 200 g;
  • sugar - 2 tablespoons;
  • vegetable oil;
  • a teaspoon of vanillin and as much soda.

Cooking process:

  1. Combine the cottage cheese with sour cream and mix well. Add the rest of the ingredients in the following sequence: kefir, vanilla with sugar, semolina. After each ingredient, the mass must be well mixed.
  2. Pour soda with vinegar and add to the curd mass. Beat the resulting mass with a blender, then set it aside for half an hour.
  3. After 30 minutes, pour the dough into the oiled multicooker bowl. For baking, the mode of the same name is used, the cooking time is an hour.
  4. A hot casserole has every chance of falling apart when delivered, so at the end of the cooking time, do not remove it immediately, but allow time to cool.

After removing the cooled casserole from the mold, cut into portioned pieces and serve with condensed milk or jam.

Chocolate Banana Curd Egg-Free Casserole


  • soft cottage cheese - 1 kg;
  • banana - 2 pcs;
  • chocolate - 1 bar (100 g);
  • sugar - 250 g;
  • 10% cream - 100 ml;
  • starch - 4.5 tablespoons.

Cooking process:

  1. Combine cottage cheese, sugar, and bananas in a bowl. Grind everything well and divide the resulting mass in half (in two different bowls).
  2. Break the bar of chocolate.
  3. Pour the cream into a small saucepan and add the pieces of chocolate. Put the saucepan on a fire and heat until chocolate is completely dissolved. The smaller the pieces of chocolate, the faster it will dissolve. Cream can be replaced with a mixture of milk and butter.
  4. In one of the bowls with cottage cheese and banana mass, add the chocolate mixture and 2.5 tablespoons of starch. In the second bowl, add the remaining starch.
  5. To avoid sticking, grease the multicooker saucepan with butter and start laying out the dough, which happens according to the principle of the well-known Zebra cake. For those who do not know: at the bottom of the pan, first pour a couple of tablespoons of light dough, then the same amount of chocolate. And so pour all the available dough.
  6. Set to cook in baking mode for 60-90 minutes.

In each case, the baking time is individual, since it directly depends on the power of the multicooker.

Oven Recipes

Egg-free casserole: cottage cheese with semolina


  • cottage cheese - 400 g;
  • semolina - 4 tablespoons;
  • sugar - 2 tablespoons;
  • a pinch of salt and soda;
  • butter to lubricate the form (vegetable or creamy).


  1. Mix salt, soda, sugar and semolina in a bowl well. Add the cottage cheese, and knead the dough.
  2. After lubricating the bottom and walls of the mold with oil, put the dough into it and smooth it. Please note: the final result depends on the form of baking. Choose a shape so that the thickness of the casserole is at least 3 cm, because otherwise it will turn out to be too dry. Casserole is prepared for 25-30 minutes in the oven preheated to 180 ° C.
  3. At the end of this time, remove the casserole from the oven and cool slightly, without removing from the mold. In a warm form, removing it is quite simple. To do this, just flip the form.

Pour the cooked casserole with condensed milk or your favorite jam and cut into portions.

Cottage cheese and oatmeal casserole


  • sugar - 80 g;
  • oatmeal - 20 g;
  • cottage cheese - 400 g;
  • sour cream - 60 ml;
  • raisins - 100 g.


  1. Grind oatmeal in a blender until flour.
  2. After mixing all the products in a bowl, mix well.
  3. Put the prepared mass on a baking sheet and put in the oven for 30 minutes. Baking temperature - 180 ° C.

At the end of the cooking time, do not rush to get the pastries out of the mold, wait for it to cool. Serve the casserole with jam or condensed milk.

Baked cottage cheese with apples


  • cottage cheese - 400 g;
  • yogurt - 3 tablespoons;
  • semolina - 4 tablespoons;
  • sugar - 3 tablespoons;
  • apples - 3 pcs.

Cooking process:

  1. Peel the apples and peel.
  2. Add yogurt, sugar and semolina to the curd in stages. Mix everything well until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.
  3. Cut the prepared apples into small but not quite small pieces and add to the curd. Mix well the resulting mass.
  4. To prevent baking from sticking, grease a baking sheet with oil (vegetable or cream) or cover it with parchment paper.
  5. Transfer the baking mass to the prepared pan and place in the oven for half an hour at a temperature of 180 ° C.

Curd casserole with dried apricots


  • cottage cheese - 400 g;
  • dried apricots - 50 g;
  • semolina - 4 tablespoons;
  • sugar - 150 g;
  • powdered sugar - 2 tablespoons;
  • a pinch of vanillin;
  • butter;
  • breadcrumbs - 2 tablespoons.

Cooking process:

  1. Pour dried apricots with boiling water. After two minutes, remove and pat dry with a paper towel or napkin.
  2. Mix the curd crushed with a sieve with semolina and sugar. Beat the resulting mixture in a blender and leave the semolina to swell. For this, 10 minutes are enough.
  3. In the meantime, you can prepare a baking dish. It needs to be greased with oil and sprinkled with breadcrumbs.
  4. After 10 minutes, add the dried apricots and vanillin to the mixture. Mix everything well.
  5. Put the curd mass in a previously prepared form and place in the oven. Casserole is baked at 180 ° C for about 20 minutes.
  6. At the end of the cooking time, turn off the oven, but do not remove the pastries. Wait until it cools completely.
  7. Sprinkle the baked goods out of the mold with powdered sugar.

Like the rest of the cottage cheese casseroles, this one is well served with milk sauce, jam or condensed milk.

Useful casserole for children: cottage cheese and carrots


  • cottage cheese - 200 g;
  • sour cream - 200 ml;
  • carrots -1 pc;
  • semolina - 2 tablespoons;
  • sugar - 2 tablespoons;
  • butter for lubricating the form (creamy or vegetable).

Cooking process:

  1. Add semolina to sour cream and leave to swell for 60-90 minutes.
  2. Grate the peeled carrots on a fine grater or chop in a blender.
  3. In a mixture of sour cream and semolina, add carrots, sugar and cottage cheese. Mix well.
  4. In a greased form, put the curd and carrot mixture. Bake the casserole at 180 ° C for 25 minutes, after which you should not immediately remove the baked goods. When cooled, it will be much easier to do.

Egg-free cottage cheese casserole (video)

Cottage cheese casserole, cooked without adding eggs, is not only tasty, but also very healthy. In addition, cottage cheese is easily combined with many products, among which fruits and vegetables occupy a significant place.


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