Good varieties of potatoes for the Black Earth

Good varieties of potatoes for the Black Earth

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Please tell me what are the good varieties of potatoes for the Black Earth. This year I’m going to plant several hundred potatoes, and I would like to get a decent harvest. It would be a pity to waste my energy, so I want to plant several different varieties of potatoes. Help me choose the best.

When choosing good varieties of potatoes for the Black Earth region, you need to remember that this concept is complex.

Despite the fact that in such favorable climatic conditions, any potato grows fine and can even produce 2 crops per year, there are still species that are most suitable for cultivation in chernozem territories. However, when choosing, it is important not to get carried away by any one quality of a particular type, but to choose the best option - by yield, ripening time, resistance to various diseases.

As a rule, according to the level of productivity for planting in the Central Black Earth Region, it is recommended to choose the best Dutch varieties of potatoes, such as "fresco", "red scarlett", "impala", "condor", and others. However, foreign, including Dutch, varieties are prone to rapid degeneration, while Russian seeds are capable of maintaining high varietal characteristics for 5 years or more. These include varieties Nevsky, Blue, Luck and others. In any case, the main guarantee of success is high-quality planting material, best of all elite tubers.

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