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How to protect cabbage from caterpillars

How to protect cabbage from caterpillars

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Dear friends, help. This is my first time doing gardening and I don’t know how to protect cabbage from caterpillars. Eat instantly. Give the best and most effective advice. Thanks in advance


Sprinkle with vinegar (diluted with water), and put wormwood near the cabbage - it repels butterflies. Checked !!!)

mix ash with red ground pepper, first pour water on top, then sprinkle, you can cover the top with old tulle, as my neighbor does

Vinegar solution (2 tablespoons per 10 l. Of water) is sprayed abundantly. Then sprinkle with ash.

Inta vir to help

Spray spray. Checked.

The spark did not help me. If the cabbage is not early, then Alatar will help until the end of the season from caterpillars and slugs and other animals ...

I sprayed Inta-Vir, that year it helped a lot. We probably have a different region, there are no caterpillars and butterflies too. But this year, I planted marigolds in cabbage and spread the tops of the tomatoes. Even cruciferous fleas ceased to pester.

Folk methods will not help. Only poison. Alatar for example.

People did not help me this year, I spent a couple of weeks treating pests with fufanon as a result, I liked very much the cabbage even though I found it in the garden)

You can shed an act under the root, an effect on the whole summer.

and I made a concentrated salt solution and sprayed the plants, though it was cauliflower, it's easier to spill it all. It helped me