Cucumbers "Alex f1": features and benefits of the variety

Cucumbers "Alex f1": features and benefits of the variety

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Cucumbers "Alex" belong to the hybrid group. The originator of the variety "Alex f1" is the Dutch company "Bejo Zaden". The hybrid is registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation and is characterized as early ripe and parthenocarpic, forming cucumbers suitable for the manufacture of salads and canning. The variety is popular not only in Russia, but also among foreign producers of vegetable products.

Hybrid Form Description

This new promising hybrid of Dutch breeding characterized by branched bushes with bunch ovary and fruiting less than a month after planting. Leaflets of dark green color, rather small. Fruits have a cylindrical shape and a slightly ribbed surface. The type of flowering is female, the rates of ovary formation are high. The average length of the fruit does not exceed 12-13 cm. The pulp on the cut is juicy, without emptiness and bitterness. The average weight of one marketable fruit can vary from 70 to 90 g. The palatability of fresh and canned fruits is excellent.

Grade Benefits

The hybrid is characterized as ripening very early and amicably, and also possessing a whole set of positive qualities:

  • in one node 4-6 ovaries are simultaneously formed;
  • fruits are dense, with a crunch and aroma, genetically without bitterness;
  • excellent taste and pickling qualities;
  • very attractive appearance of the fruit;
  • marketability of vegetable products not less than 94%;
  • productivity indicators of 2.8-5.8 kg / sq. m

Vegetable growers have a great opportunity to grow this hybrid form of cucumbers in both protected and open ground.

Cultivation Features

Most often, Alex cucumbers are grown by direct sowing of seed material into the ground with a couple of centimeters deepened. However, experienced vegetable growers recommend planting this hybrid with grown seedlings. Seed from the manufacturer is treated with special fungicidal preparations, and soaking is not performed before sowing.

Sowing should be done in the soil well warmed to a depth of half a bayonet of a shovel. The density of cultivation of cucumbers of this variety should be no more than three plants per square meter. When growing on beds in open ground, plants are not formed, and when cultivated in greenhouses during cultivation, it is advisable to use the trellis method.

Caring for a hybrid cucumber "Alex" is simple and is based on regular irrigation with warm water in the morning or evening, as well as fertilizing with mineral and organic fertilizers. It is very important to correctly pinch, which is carried out on the lower side shoots above the second or third leaf. Harvest should be done in a timely manner, avoiding overgrowing of fruits. As a rule, cucumbers are removed every two days. Irregular harvesting reduces yield and degrades fruit quality.

Hybrid Reviews

It should be noted that Dutch hybrid cucumbers are enviable among vegetable growers and reviews about them are always only the best. The producer of seed material declared high germination and yield, as well as resistance to many diseases and excellent taste of cucumbers "Alex", which is fully confirmed by reviews of gardeners.

How to plant cucumbers

The hybrid is absolutely undemanding in care, grows well in slight shading and gives abundant yields in almost any cultivation region. Many growers when growing in private gardens prefer the cucumbers "Alex f1" due to the large number of advantages and the almost complete absence of pronounced disadvantages.